Waitr Vs DoorDash Pay

Waitr Vs DoorDash Pay

If you are looking to get into the food delivery service, you may be eyeing Waitr and DoorDash. Wondering which food delivery service has the better pay for the amount of work.

This is a very important aspect of the job to consider as food delivery isn’t necessarily an easy job. And you want to make sure that you are getting paid fairly. One of these options will be better than the other, and you will want to figure out which that is.

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Which is Better Waitr or DoorDash Pay?

When it comes to paying, DoorDash is the most obvious winner, as it offers $14 to $16 an hour. While Waitr generally offers $13 to $15 per hour.

This may not seem like a big difference, but it can add up over time as you work.

When it comes to minimum wage jobs, you will want to make sure that you go with the option that is going to benefit you the most.

This will require you to do a bit of research ahead of time to make sure you choose the best option. In many cases, the best option is the more profitable one.

But sometimes you will also want to take into account other factors. Such as the work environment and how much work you can get.

Does Waitr Have More Opportunities Than DoorDash?

Generally, many deliverers would recommend going to work for DoorDash rather than Waitr. This is widely because DoorDash is a bigger company with more growth.

These factors are important for people looking to work as food deliverers. Because it indicates how many work opportunities they will have.

If a company is getting fewer delivery orders, that means there won’t be as much work to go around. Whereas, DoorDash is very popular and has a growing number of customers.

This creates more work opportunities for deliverers, giving them the option to work more and earn more.

Fast DoorDashers reported being able to make up to $22 an hour. Which makes DoorDash one of the most profitable places to become a deliverer.

DoorDash, was also reported to have recently had 25,630 job openings available. This shows that they have a growing demand for orders that need delivery.

This is good news for anyone looking to make more money as a deliverer. Whereas, Waitr is best relied on for a bit of extra cash.

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Which Delivery Service is a Better Job?

If you compare DoorDash and Waitr side by side, it is pretty clear that DoorDash is a better option.

This is especially true for anyone looking to make some real money working as a food deliverer. Even if you just want a side job, DoorDash pays more and has more work opportunities.

There is no dress code with any of these services.

When you compare the two food delivery services, it is hard to see why you might choose Waitr over DoorDash. With DoorDash, even if it is just a way to make extra money, it still provides more pay for your effort.

With Waitr, there would be the possibility of not being able to get enough work if deliverers are competing with one another. As there are fewer orders.

As far as deliverers are concerned, DoorDash seems to have a very steady stream of work so that everyone gets a chance at having work opportunities.

Please note that none of these services will steal your tips. Sometimes, Doordash will even give you bonuses.

Do You Get Paid Faster With Waitr Or DoorDash?

Waitr pays on a weekly basis, providing you with your paycheck on Thursday every week. It is paid as a direct deposit which can take a few days to process.

Waitr also has a quick pay option that allows you to access your funds at any time and receive them instantly. This option does come with a fee, however, costing $2.99 per transaction.

DoorDash also pays weekly, only they pay on Monday. But you will not receive your paycheck for 2 to 3 days until it is processed through direct deposit.

They also offer a quick pay option that allows you to access your money anytime and receive it instantly. This comes with a fee of $1.99 per transaction.

Both food delivery services offer reasonable pay schedules as you can get paid every week at the same time. Both also allow you to get your money instantly if you want to and don’t mind paying the fee.

Waitr’s fee is considerably higher however, making it less worthwhile to use their quick pay option. This kind of fee can quickly eat away at your paycheck if you aren’t careful.

Does Waitr or DoorDash Cover Gas Expenses?

The sad answer to this question is no. Both Waitr and DoorDash expect their deliverers to pay for their own gas expenses.

Because their job is mainly composed of driving, this can quickly eat away at their profits. Making it even more important than ever to choose the highest paying option.

Tips are also a good way to cover your gas expenses. Both Waitr and DoorDash deliverers make around the same tips. Most tips come to 10% to 20% of the orders cost.

This will depend greatly on the customer though, so the company that you go with has very little to do with tips.

This means that you will want to pick orders that come with the highest tips to cover gas. Or only take orders that are very close by to avoid driving long distances.

DoorDash Vs Waitr Pay Rates

When comparing DoorDash vs Waitr pay rates, DoorDash comes out as the obvious winner. Not only do they pay more money per hour, but they also offer more work opportunities.

This means that you will not only make more money for your effort. But you will also get the opportunity to make more by taking more orders. This is important if you want to make food delivery more than just a side hustle.

DoorDash is one of the top food delivery services for drivers since it has an opportunity for growth. And starts at a rate that is considerably higher than most delivery companies.

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