Does DoorDash Drug Test?

Does DoorDash Drug Test?

Due to the current situation worldwide, we saw a rise in delivery services all across the nation. Many customers and workers/drivers turned to services like Doordash for food delivery.

Here’s what you need to know if you are a new DoorDash driver or are considering applying to become one.

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Does DoorDash Drug Test Their Drivers?

No, DoorDash does not drug test their drivers. Doordash drivers are considered independent contractors, so a drug test is not required. However, Doordash does have a mandatory background check for all its drivers. Drivers must pass this background check to accept work.

Does DoorDash Check Criminal Records?

During the Doordash application process, you’ll have to consent to a background check. This background check will cover criminal and driving records.

DoorDash will check the National Sex Offender Registry to find any potential applicants. If a possible driver’s name shows up in the database from the past seven years, they’ll be disqualified.

DoorDash also checks criminal records for the same time frame. Crimes that may disqualify drivers consist of

  • Robbery
  • Property damage
  • Felonies
  • DUIs or driving under the influence
  • Crimes of a violent nature
  • Past sexual offenses

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Will DoorDash Check My Driving Record?

If potential drivers say they will be using a vehicle for deliveries, DoorDash will check a motorized vehicle report. DoorDash requires a clean driving record for qualification.

Some issues that can disqualify potential drivers include:

  • DUIs or driving under the influence
  • Four or more moving violations
  • Any other drug and alcohol-related driving offenses

Can I DoorDash With a Speeding Ticket?

Yes, you can DoorDash with a speeding ticket. Some drivers have been accepted with multiple speeding tickets only a few years old. As long as you do not have any serious driving-related crimes, you should be qualified to work for DoorDash.

Does DoorDash Only Do One Background Check?

DoorDash uses a continuous background checking system. Continuous background checks mean drivers are checked regularly. If a driver passes a background check initially but later fails, they may be disqualified.

How Long Will My Background Check Take?

The average DoorDash screening process can take anywhere from 5-7 days. Some drivers have reported the screening process taking as long as ten days.

What Factors Contribute to the Time?

The time of your background check will vary on a few different factors. These factors can include the city where you sign up, where you have lived, the number of applicants, and more.

If you have transgressions on your record, this process could take even longer. For the fastest timeframe, be sure to fill out all forms accurately.

Can I Check The Status of My Background Check?

Yes, you can check the status of your DoorDash background check. DoorDash uses Checkr for its screening process. You can go to the candidate portal at Checkr and see the status of your application.

What Does the Status of My Application Mean?

When searching your background check application, you’ll see different statuses. The possible statuses you may see are complete, pending, clear, consider, and dispute.

  1. Complete. This is the first step of the application. This means your application is ready to be checked and evaluated.
  2. Pending. This means your background check is almost finished. Pending status may mean you have 2-3 days left on your application process. If you missed some information on your application, this process might take longer.
  3. Clear. This means you are ready to start driving and working for DoorDash! You should receive a follow-up email from DoorDash confirming your status.
  4. Consider. This status is similar to pending. However, you may have violations that do not meet DoorDash standards. DoorDash will consider your application, and you will be approved or rejected.
  5. Dispute. This status means you have to carefully over your application. You may have missed information or have a violation. You will have 30 days to dispute that information and have the issue resolved.

Will DoorDash Drug Test You?

No, DoorDash will not drug test you or their other drivers. A drug test isn’t required because DoorDash drivers are independent contractors. However, DoorDash drivers will have to consent to a background check and motorized vehicle report to be approved to work for the company.

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