Is Planet Fitness Good for Weight Lifting?

If you are thinking about becoming a member of Planet Fitness, you may want to know about the weight lifting options there. If there are any weight lifting options and if they are any good.

This is important to know since you do not want to join a gym that does not provide what you want. That is why it is a good idea to do some research before making a decision.

Keep reading to find out if Planet Fitness is a good place for weight lifting.

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Is Planet Fitness a Good Place for Weight Lifting?

Planet Fitness is not considered to be a good place for those looking to lift weights. In fact, Planet Fitness has gone out of its way to make it clear that weight lifting is not something that it wants in its gyms.

Planet Fitness does not offer many weight lifting options and does not want to encourage heavy weight lifting. It is geared more toward people looking for a basic gym to workout at that has ordinary workout gear.

It strongly discourages heavy weight lifters, bodybuilders, or what it describes at meatheads. It does this by limiting the workout gear as well as having strict rules around how much noise you can make while working out.

If you try to weight lift at Planet Fitness, you will have a hard time even finding adequate weights to lift. You also run the risk of being kicked out of Planet Fitness staff believe you to be too loud or aggressive.

This is a very common complaint amongst gym-goers as they feel targeted by Planet Fitness for wanting to workout a certain way. Overall, if you want to lift weights of any kind, it is best to find a different gym.

Planet Fitness is very limiting and will not take kindly to anyone trying to really build muscle or lift weights.

How Much Weight Can You Lift at Planet Fitness?

Every Planet Fitness gym may offer slightly different weight limits, but it is generally going to be the same in most locations. Though Planet Fitness does offer some weight lifting options, these are by no means extraordinary.

The dumbbells that you can use are usually as heavy as 50 to 75 lbs depending on the Planet Fitness location. Some will be less or more as they do not all have to offer the exact same options.

The smith machine is the only kind of weight lifting machine that Planet Fitness offers. This is typically capped at 15 to 20 lbs, though it will say on the side of the machine how much you can lift.

These are the only weight lifting options that you have. They are not substantial or geared for those looking to really build muscle, but they can be good for incorporating into workouts.

Find out whether Planet Fitness has aerobic classes, cycling classes or childcare.

Can I Lift Weights at Planet Fitness?

Can I Lift Weights at Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is not an ideal gym to lift weights at as it is actually discouraged. Planet Fitness is designed to be a calming and relaxing gym that caters to people looking to live a healthier life.

It wants to encourage people to live healthier and be fitter by providing a safe place to workout. It does not provide for bodybuilders, weight lifters, or any kind of serious athlete.

Planet Fitness has limited equipment to ensure that no one tries to weight lift at its gyms. The heaviest weights that you will find will be around 75 lbs at the most.

It also strongly discourages people from becoming a member if their intention is to train or weight lift. It also has rules against any noises, such as grunting or dropping weights.

If a staff member of Planet Fitness notices you lifting weight or making noise, you may be asked to stop. In some cases, you may even be asked to leave because you are distracting other members.

This is why Planet Fitness has a relatively negative reputation in the fitness world for being judgmental and selective. Many people who are serious about fitness discourage people from going there as it is so limiting.

You have a lot of great options at Planet fitness, but it can limit your fitness goals. You won’t want to become a member there if you have any desire to lift weights or really build muscle.

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