Planet Fitness Hydromassage Time and Weight Limit

If you want to use the hydromassage at Planet Fitness, you may be wondering if it has a time or weight limit. These are good things to know before trying out the hydromassage option for the first time.

Since many of the equipment options at Planet Fitness have a weight limit, it is reasonable to wonder if the hydromassage does too. It is also a good idea to know how long you can use it for.

Keep reading to find out the weight and time limit for the hydromassage at Planet Fitness.

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What is Planet Fitness’s Hydrmassage Time and Weight Limit?

There is no strict time limit for those using the hydromassage at Planet Fitness, though an average session is 10 minutes long. The general weight limit is 350 lbs, though it is safer to be well under this weight limit.

The hydromassage at Planet Fitness is one of the star aspects of having a black card membership. This is a useful option that allows you to relax your muscles after a hard workout and combat soreness.

It encourages cell renewal and creates a therapeutic alternative to a massage chair. Both options are available with a black card membership, though the hydromassage is a bit more relaxing and gentle on the body.

It can also help you to burn calories without having to exert yourself or break a sweat. Most gym-goers choose to use this after they have completed their workout, though you can use it at any time.

This is just one of the many benefits of having a black card membership at Planet Fitness as you have access to so much more than just workout gear.

We answered the questions:

Is There a Limit to How Many Times You Can Use The Hydromassage at Planet Fitness?

If you enjoy using the hydromassage at Planet Fitness, you may wonder if you can only use it a certain amount of times. If there is a limit to how frequently this option can be utilized at your gym.

Planet Fitness Hydromassage Time and Weight Limit

The good news is that Planet Fitness has no restrictions on how frequently you can use the hydromassage. Unlike the tanning beds, which are restricted, the hydromassage is perfectly safe to use more frequently.

You can use it once, every time you go to the gym or even twice when you take a trip to Planet Fitness. You can use it as often as you like as long as others are not waiting to use it.

If there is a line to use the hydromassage, you will need to take your turn and let the next person use it. You cannot simply continue to add time to your session while other members are waiting to enjoy it.

Other than when the hydromassage is in high demand, you can use it whenever and as much as you like. It is a great way to relax your mind and ease any tense or sore muscles.

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What is The Time and Weight Limit of Planet Fitness’s Hydromassage?

The weight limit for the hydromassage at Planet fitness is 350, though it is best to be well below that limit for safety reasons. There is no official time limit, though each session typically lasts 10 minutes.

You can have longer sessions if you want to, as long as other people are not in line to use the hydromassage next. There is also no limit on how many times you can use the hydromassage.

You can use it every day if you like or every time you visit Planet Fitness for a workout session. You could even use it multiple times in one day if it is not overly busy.

You may get into trouble if you try to repeatedly use the hydromassage when it is busy and others are waiting in line to use it. Be courteous, and don’t hog the hydromassage if other members want to use it.

Other than that, there are no restrictions on the hydromassage, anyone with a black card membership can enjoy it as much as they like.

In fact, the hydromassage is one of the most used features of having a black card membership. It is even more relaxing than the massage chairs and can help to reduce soreness after a long workout session in the gym.

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