Is Renting a U-Haul Worth It?

If you are considering renting from U-Haul, you may be wondering if U-Haul is worth it or not. If it really is as good as people say it is or if there are better rental options out there.

U-Haul is a very popular company with thousands upon thousands of locations across America. It is one of the number one rental companies that people use for moving or transporting.

To find out if U-Haul is worth it or not, keep reading to find out.

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Is U-Haul Worth Renting From?

U-Haul is one of the best rental companies, for a reason as it has a great reputation amongst its customers. If you are looking into renting a vehicle, U-Haul can most certainly be worth it if you need something reliable and affordable.

U-Haul has a great reputation and offers its customers a lot of added perks and benefits. This isn’t just a company to rent trailers and trucks from, it offers many other useful options as well.

At U-Haul, you can rent any kind of moving equipment that you could possibly need as well as moving supplies. You can even hire labor through U-Haul to help you move if you are short on help.

One of the best qualities about U-Haul is that it allows you to drop rentals off at any U-Haul location. This comes in handy as U-Haul locations are all over the place, and you are sure to be near one.

This makes moving very simple as you do not have to backtrack to drop off your rental. You can simply take it to the closest U-Haul location in your area.

U-Haul vehicles are known for their exceptional quality, and there are all kinds of sizes that you can choose from. U-Haul also has its own roadside service for all of its locations to make repairs simple and fast.

If you ever find yourself out of gas or with a flat tire, you can just call up the U-Haul helpline for assistance.

Does U-Haul Have Good Prices?

U-Haul is also well known for having exceptional prices for its customers. It is one of the more affordable rental companies that you can use for your moving or transporting needs.

Though it has had complaints about the lack of transparency when it comes to its prices. This being due to the fact that you don’t always get the same price that U-Haul advertises.

U-Haul typically shows that $19.95 is the amount that you will have to pay per day to rent one of its vehicles or trailers. What U-Haul doesn’t show is the additional fees that you will run into when renting from it.

This includes mileage fees, fuel, coverage fees, additional costs for one-way trips, taxes, and equipment rentals. All of these fees can quickly add up to be much more than the advertised price per day.

Though U-Haul; still usually comes out to be pretty affordable for what you are getting, it is still pricier than you might have thought. The lack of transparency can easily be an issue for customers that are on a tight budget.

This can be a big downside for some who are looking to get a much better deal. If you are concerned about the prices, you could call ahead to get an idea of what you might end up being charged after additional fees.

Are U-hauls Easy to Drive?

Is Renting a U-Haul Worth It.

U-Haul’s vehicles also have a good reputation for being easy to drive. This makes them more accessible for more people looking to rent large vehicles.

Despite their large size, many people refer to driving u-hauls as similar to driving a large van. Most of them are equip[t with backup cameras to help you back up safely and have side mirrors to help you navigate.

These vehicles drive smoothly and rarely feel like they are really as large as they actually are. Even people with no prior experience driving large vehicles found them to be user-friendly for the ordinary driver.

You do not need to have any special skills to drive a u-haul, just the basic skills of driving and some prior experience. As long as you have the basics of driving down, you should be able to drive a u-haul with ease.

Is Renting From U-Haul Worthwhile?

U-Haul is a very popular company that has earned a lot of its popularity from being good to its customers. It can be very worthwhile to rent from this company if you want to go with a reliable option.

As far as rental companies go, U-Haul is a great option and offers many other services that you may need. U-Haul is a one-stop shop and offers all of the equipment that you may need during your move.

This makes renting everything you need fast and simple as it is all done in one location. U-Haul’s rental prices are also very reasonable in comparison with its competition.

It is just important to know that the pricing U-Haul advertises is not necessarily what you will be paying. U-Haul advertised renting a vehicle as being $19.95 a day, but that doesn’t include the extra fees added.

U-Haul has many extra fees that are applied to your rental that don’t include the cost per day. You will also have to pay per mileage, for fuel, and several other small fees.

This can add up fast and go far over the price that is advertised. Despite these additional fees, U-Haul is still considered to be one of the most affordable rental companies.

Is Renting a U-Haul Worth It

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