What Are CBL’s at Walmart?

Walmart stores have over 200 employees on average. It can be difficult to train each employee to satisfy and keep the store running efficiently.

To resolve this issue, Walmart uses computer-based learning videos to get new hires up to speed. Here’s everything you need to know.

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What Is a Walmart CBL?

Walmart provides new hires with computer-based learning videos, commonly referred to as CBLs or Pathways. These computer-based learning videos have several interactive and non-interactive videos, quizzes, and more. Some videos are mandatory, and your experience will greatly depend on your situation.

Computer-Based Learning or Pathway Training

New Walmart employees will have to watch computer-based learning videos, commonly known as CBLs or Pathways. These are both the same type of training materials; however, pathways might be the new term depending on the store. These computer-based learning videos are designed to help new Walmart associates develop knowledge of their job and responsibilities.

What Are CBL’s at Walmart

What Do I Have to Do?

Computer-based learning videos are fairly self-explanatory; you have to sit in front of a computer, watch videos, and take quizzes for certain sections. In some cases, you might watch these videos on-site at your Walmart location or be eligible to complete them from home. You should be paid for the time it takes to complete these videos.

What Do I Have to Do

What Do CBLs Cover?

Walmart CBLs or Pathways cover a wide variety of topics. Some of these topics might be mandatory for all positions, while other videos will depend on your job role and position. Some common topics you might come across can include:

  • Safety
  • Ethics
  • Policies
  • Using ladders
  • Cleaning up spills
  • Sexual harassment
  • Cash register knowledge
  • Customer scenarios

How Long Do CBLs Take?

The time it takes to complete Walmart’s computer-based learning videos will vary depending on several factors. Each video can range in length but are generally around 10-20 minutes. Some employees might finish their videos faster than others or have fewer videos to complete.

However, Walmart’s computer-based learning videos usually take around 10-18 hours to fully complete depending on the position. Some employees complete all of their CBLs during their first 8-hour shift, while others finish them over their first week. Generally speaking, new Walmart associates finish their computer-based learning videos over the course of three six-hour shifts.

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How Do I Access My CBLs?

You probably heard that it’s required to complete computer-based learning videos (CBLs) during your Walmart orientation. Unfortunately, you might not have been notified on how or where to complete these videos.

Consult your hiring manager if you’re unsure how to access your CBLs or where to take them. Your manager will show you how to access them, where to take them, etc. In some cases, you might have to take them to a back office, but your experience will vary.

What Happens if You Don’t Finish Your CBLs?

It’s possible for a new Walmart associate to leave some of their computer-based learning videos unfinished. In some cases, the new hire might forget to finish their videos, or they may not have time to complete all of them.

Generally speaking, most new hires have around a month of leeway when it comes to finishing CBLs and Pathways. This timeframe is because Walmart has an incredibly high turnaround rate.

Be sure to consult your manager if you don’t finish all of your computer-based learning videos. Your manager will set aside time for you to finish your videos, and in some cases, you might need to clock in early or stay late.

What Happens if I Can’t Pass a CBL Test?

In most cases, you’ll need an 80% or higher to pass a CBL test. Unfortunately, it’s possible to fail a CBL or Pathway test with a score of 78% or lower. Some new Walmart associates might have difficulty passing certain tests and have to retake them multiple times.

Don’t panic If you can’t pass a CBL test. You’ll have to retake it until you successfully pass the exam. However, you can explain your situation to your manager and ask for help. There might be someone on your team who experienced the same issue and can guide you as well.

What Are Computer-Based Learning Videos at Walmart?

Walmart requires new hires to computer-based learning videos, commonly referred to as CBLs or Pathways. CBLs have several interactive and non-interactive videos, quizzes, and more. Some videos are mandatory, and your experience will greatly depend on your situation. Walmart’s computer-based learning videos range in length and typically take three six-hour shifts to complete.

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