What Does Gamestop Premium Refurbished Mean?

If you have been shopping at Gamestop, you may have noticed something labeled as premium refurbished. If you have never seen that before, you may be curious about what that label means.

Gamestop commonly sells pre-owned items, but what does this new label mean. You also may be curious because these items may be more affordable than the newer alternative.

Keep reading to find out just what premium refurbished means at Gamestop and if you should buy one of these items.

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What Does Gamestop Mean By Premium Refurbished?

Premium refurbished items at Gamestop are items that have been pre-owned but needed to be refurbished. They were taken to a Gamestop warehouse and fixed as well as equipped with certain Gamestop features or items, which is why they are called premium.

These are typically items that were brought in by a Gamestop customer and sold to Gamestop as a pre-owned item. If it fails to pass Gamestop’s test to make sure it works, it will be taken to a warehouse to be fixed.

Professionals will refurbish the piece and get it working again. This would make it a basic refurbished item that could be sold.

Occasionally Gamestop will go the extra mile to make it a premium refurbished item by adding Gamestop features. Such as Gamestop hardware, controller skins, or headphones.

This is what makes a normal pre-owned item into a premium refurbished item that you may see at Gamestop. These are typically a bit cheaper than the newer versions since they have been pre-owned.

Though they are in perfect working condition all the same.

Is Premium Refurbished Better Than Pre-Owned at Gamestop?

If you are looking at buying one of the many discounted options at Gamestop, you may wonder if premium refurbished is better than pre-owned. This is a common question as they both may seem like they are the same thing.

You may be wondering which option you should buy and if one is better than the other. This is a good question to ask, so that you can get the best deal possible when buying these kinds of items from Gamestop.

What Does Gamestop Premium Refurbished Mean

Pre-owned is basically just a used item that someone brought into Gamestop. Gametop will have made sure it works, so it is nothing special, just an item that is cheaper than buying the new version.

Premium refurbished items are also pre-owned items that were brought in and bought by Gamestop. The difference is that they failed the tests and did not work correctly enough to be resold.

So these items were taken to be worked on by a professional until they worked. They have also been given a slight makeover with a few Gamestop branded items according to what the item is.

This makes premium refurbished items the better option as they are in tip-top condition. This is the closest that you will get to buy the new version only at a much cheaper price.

A pre-owned item is just a second-hand item with no extra bells and whistles. It will work fine but may not last as long as a premium refurbished item or work as well.

What Does Premium Refurbished Mean at Gamestop?

Premium refurbished items at Gamestop are pre-owned items that have been given a bit of an upgrade. These items were bought by Gamestop but ultimately did not pass the tests to be resold immediately.

Because of this, these items were sent to a warehouse to be worked on by professionals. They are given an upgrade, parts are replaced, and Gametop branded features are added to create a premium refurbished item.

Once all of this is done, the refurbished item can be taken to a Gamestop store to be resold just like a pre-owned item would be.

Despite being very similar to a pore-owned item at Gamestop, premium refurbished items are a bit better. They have had more time dedicated to them and have upgrades that make them work and look like new.

This is significantly better than buying a pre-owned item that is simply a second-hand good. It works, but it does not have anything added to it and will most likely not last as long as the refurbished item.

Both options are cheaper than buying that same item brand new, making this a great way to save money at Gamestop.

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