What Is Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm?

If you are interested in Planet Fitness, you may be curious about what a lunk alarm is. This is something that many have heard about but don’t necessarily know what it is or if it is even a real thing.

If you want to join Planet Fitness, this is a detail worth looking into before really making your mind up. You don’t want to get roped into a membership before you decide if this gym is really the right fit for you.

Keep reading to find out exactly what a lunk alarm is and why it is even a thing at Planet fitness gyms.

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What is Planet Fitness’s Lunk Alarm?

Planet Fitness has an arm system in place called a lunk alarm meant to discourage loud noises. This alarm is set to go off if anyone makes loud noises while working out that Planet Fitness deems as inappropriate or distracting to other members.

Planet Fitness has a very strict rule against grunting or any other loud noises that they deem as inappropriate. This is any kind of noise while lifting weights or working out, as well as dropping dumbbells.

This kind of gym is not geared towards bodybuilding or heavy weight lifting. It also discourages any behavior that is reminiscent of that kind of gym as Planet Fitness wants a quiet and calm environment.

This is why Planet Fitness does not have very much workout equipment and has only a few weight lifting options. This is not a gym for bulking up, it is meant for daily exercise and weight loss.

Despite the fact that the lunk alarm may be there with good intentions, many people find it to be extremely off-putting. It is rude, and it is there only to shame people who are being a little too loud.

Most people believe that it would be best to simply have an employee approach the person to give them a warning. Instead of sounding off a loud alarm that disrupts everyone’s exercise session.

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Is The Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm Real?

Believe it or not, the lunk alarm at Planet Fitness is actually a real thing. It may sound like a rumor, but it does actually exist in most Planet Fitness gyms.

What is a Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm

It has gotten itself a reputation because there’s no other gym that has this kind of alarm. It is a bit outrageous, which is why many people have heard of a lunk alarm but don’t know exactly what it is.

This strange alarm is real, and most if not all Planet Fitness gyms have one on hand. It is pretty remarkable considering there is no other gym that has such a device in place.

What Happens If You Set Off The Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm?

If you happen to be working out at Planet Fitness and set off the lunk alarm, it is nothing to be too concerned over. This is common and can happen by accident if you get a little too loud.

The best thing to do if you set off the lunk alarm is to try your best to keep your noises lower. Try to avoid doing whatever caused the lunk alarm to go off in the first place.

The lunk alarm will stop quickly, but it will go off again if it detects more loud noises. It will not stay on and continue to alarm, but it will sound off repeatedly until there are no loud noises left.

If you repeatedly set off the lunk alarm, a staff member will most likely end up approaching you. The alarm is meant to be a warning, and if you ignore that warning, you may be confronted about the noise.

You may be asked to leave if you have repeatedly set off the alarm or act aggressively over being talked to about it. If you refuse to stay quiet, you will most certainly be kicked out, and you might even end up being banned.

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Will Planet Fitness Kick You Out for Grunting?

Planet Fitness will most certainly kick you out for grunting or making similar noises. It is allowed to do this as these kinds of loud noises are strictly prohibited and are included in the Planet Fitness guidelines.

What Is Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm

Because these kinds of loud noises are in the behavioral guidelines, Planet Fitness staff have the right to kick you out. This is something that is a huge turn-off for many gym-goers who are looking for a serious workout.

Many people make noises without meaning to or realizing it and find Planet Fitness to be incredibly unwelcoming. Though it wants to keep a peaceful environment, it sometimes forgets that it is still a gym.

People are bound to make noises, and it can be impossible to workout without occasionally making a racket. But Planet Fitness goers have to worry about setting off the lunk alarm or even being kicked out of the gym.

You may be let off with a warning, or you may be kicked out immediately. It really depends on how strict the location is and the person that you are talking to, some are more persistent than others.

Either way, this creates a slightly stressful and unwelcoming environment for those who want to get in a serious workout. Some noise is bound to be made because Planet Fitness is a gym.

Why Does Planet Fitness Have a Lunk Alarm?

Planet Fitness prides itself on sticking strictly to its goals, which are to be a basic gym for people looking to be healthier and fitter. It is not meant to accommodate those looking to bulk up or train for competitions.

Planet Fitness has gone to some serious lengths to keep its rules in place, whether people like it or not. The lunk alarm is meant to help maintain the quiet environment that Planet Fitness markets to members.

The lunk alarm helps it to do that by having a loud alarm go off whenever it detects too loud of a noise or a repetitive noise. This could be from weights dropping to the floor, someone grunting or gasping noises.

This is an automatic alarm that goes off and will continue to go off each time it senses these kinds of noises. It is extremely irritating and embarrassing, which is the point that Planet Fitness is trying to get across.

Its job is to alert whoever is making the noises that they are being too loud. And it will continue to set off the alarm until they stop or an employee comes to tell you to be quieter.

What is a Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm?

The lunk alarm at Planet Fitness is an automatic alarm meant to go off when someone is being too loud. This is in place to help Planet Fitness keep its gyms quiet and relaxing for gym-goers.

Many people are not a fan of this tactic, however. Especially considering it does what it is designed to prevent by just creating more loud noise to distract other gym members who are trying to workout.

Overall, there are better ways of enforcing such rules, and many believe that Planet Fitness can get a little heavy-handed. Especially considering it is just a gym and should have some leniency.

This can be a deal-breaker for some looking to join a nearby gym.

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