Doordash Can’t Find a Dasher

DoorDash has quickly become one of the leading on-demand delivery apps, so it’s no wonder why you may want to order from your favorite restaurant through them.

doordash can't find a dasher

But what happens if DoorDash can’t find a driver?

While it’s not ideal, it does happen for a few different reasons. Keep reading to figure out why there may not be available or interested Dashers in your area, and what happens when there’s no drivers available.

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Doordash Can’t Find a Dasher

When DoorDash can’t find an available driver to pick up an order after it’s already been placed (or if no DoorDash drivers accepts the delivery assignment), the order will be canceled and the DoorDash customer will be partially or fully refunded, depending on how the customer wants to resolve the issue.

If you place an order through DoorDash that doesn’t get accepted from a driver, your order will be canceled.

DoorDash will then email you with an apology and explanation, plus your refund options.

How long does DoorDash wait to cancel an order?

Different sources have different answers on this, but it seems that it takes around 30 minutes of your order not being accepted by a driver before DoorDash cancels your order.

For the best chance of getting a full or partial refund, stay on top of your orders status and cancel the order yourself or contact a DoorDash chat agent to help you with the next steps.

Reasons Why There May Not Be DoorDash Drivers Available to Pick up and Deliver Your Order

what happens if doordash can t find a driver

There are a few different reasons why there may not be any DoorDash drivers available or willing to pick up and deliver your order.

There aren’t any available drivers in the area

A common reason why DoorDash may not have any Dashers to bring you your order is that there are simply no available drivers in the area at the time.

no drivers

It’s harder to find available Dashers in the early morning, late at night, and during peak traffic times, so keep this in mind when ordering.

Available driver’s don’t want to accept the assignment

Sometimes DoorDash’s independent delivery drivers aren’t interested in or accept assignments for a number of reasons such as;

  • There’s too much traffic
  • The weather isn’t safe or ideal
  • They already have too many deliveries to make
  • The restaurant is too busy
  • It’s too far of a drive for them
  • The tip isn’t enough to be worth their time and gas

What to Do If Your DoorDash Order Hasn’t Been Picked Up or Accepted

If you’ve already placed your order through the DoorDash app and it hasn’t been accepted by a driver, you have a couple of options.

Cancel the order and request a refund

As long as it hasn’t been confirmed by the restaurant and hasn’t been assigned to a driver, you can cancel your order altogether for a full refund.


If your order was confirmed by the restaurant but not yet accepted by a DoorDash delivery driver, you will only get a partial refund.

It may seem confusing or frustrating, but ultimately your refund options will depend on the status of your order and how long it’s been since your order was submitted.

Reorder, but include a higher tip

There’s a good chance that a driver didn’t accept your delivery request simply because the tip wasn’t high enough. DoorDash drivers are independent contractors and are not paid by the hour, but rather by each delivery.

It’s understandable why they would not be interested in delivering an order that has a smaller tip.

You can attempt to create another order and include a higher tip (aim for 15-20% or more of your order total) for a better chance of your order getting accepted by a Dasher. Keep in mind that this still doesn’t guarantee a driver is available, though.

Pick up the order yourself

If you still want your food you can pick up the order yourself. Sure, it defeats the entire point of ordering through DoorDash, but it’s still an option.

do it yourself

In this case, DoorDash will still refund you the delivery fee and tips, but you must select the self-pickup resolution in the cancellation email for your original order.

Contact DoorDash customer support

If you’re not getting the support you need, you can call the DoorDash customer service number or chat with one of their agents on their website.


If there are no available DoorDash delivery drivers to accept your order, DoorDash will cancel your order (usually 30 minutes after you submit your order) and refund you your money.

They will also email you with both an apology and a list of ways the issue can be resolved.

Ultimately there’s not much you can do when there aren’t available or interested DoorDash drivers. However, if you’ve already placed your order and it’s still not being picked up or it’s taking too long, you do have options for resolving the issue and getting a partial or full refund.

If you’re not sure whether or not DoorDash is even an option for your area, you can easily find out by going to their website and entering your address.

You can also ask your local friends and family what their experiences have been like with their own DoorDash deliveries, so you know what to expect as a DoorDash customer in your area.

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