When Does Footlocker Restock?

If you want to go shopping at Footlocker, you probably want to know when it restocks. This is a common question as the best time to go shopping somewhere is after it has had a fresh restock of the store.

This is the best time to go shopping as all of the new options and old favorites will be stocked up on the shelves. This way, you won’t waste your time going once all of the items that you may want have already been sold out.

This is a risk that you have since Footlocker is such a popular store for buying high-quality footwear. Keep reading to find out when exactly Footlocker does its restocking in the store.

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When Will Footlocker Restock?

Footlocker is a store that restocks its inventory on a daily basis to keep its shelves filled to the brim. It does this because this store is such a popular footwear option and is regularly selling through its stock in the store.

footlocker restock schedule

Footlocker is one of many stores that does not follow a strict restocking process. This is because it simply does stocking as it is needed in order to save time, make the process simpler, and keep the store filled.

Every week is different, so it makes sense to only stock as it is necessary to do so. Especially during times when items are selling out much faster and the store needs more restocking.

This is a better schedule than following a specific restocking day, as some stores do. Especially when the store has the inventory, it just has to be put on the shelves.

Footlocker also lets customers know that they are happy to do stock checks for them. So if you want something specific from Footlocker, you can always call ahead to see if it is available in the store.

This way, you’re not wasting your time going to the store if they don’t have that item in stock at the moment. Though Footlocker does typically keep most items in stock, even if it is in the back and not in the actual storefront.

When Does Footlocker Restock Online?

Now that you know when Footlocker restocks its stores, you may want to know when it restocks online as well. This is a tricky question to answer as Footlocker doesn’t have a restocking schedule for its online store either.

This makes it hard to know when the online store will have a fresh restock so that you can buy what you want. Sometimes these restock are done daily or every Monday of every week, it just depends.

There doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason for when these restocks happen. Sometimes they are done when new items are released or when a lot of items are running low.

This is quite a chaotic way of restocking and makes it hard for customers to follow along if they are waiting for an item. This is a downside to how Footlocker works, as it makes it harder for the customers.

Especially if you have been waiting for a certain item but don’t know when it will be restocked. This could result in you missing out if it is restocked and sells out before you realize that it was back in stock, to begin with.

Though you can always call Footlocker to ask about this if you are waiting for a particular item. Footlocker is first come first serve, so it will not hold onto items for you, but it can tell you if an item is in stock.

You could even try asking when the next restock is expected so that you are ready when it happens.

footlocker restock phone notification

How do I Know When There is a Footlocker New Release?

Footlocker regularly releases new and highly anticipated items into its stores and online for its customers. This is done on a yearly schedule that the store releases so that you can follow along.

If you are waiting to see what the latest Footlocker releases have to offer, you will want to know when they are happening. You can do this by:

  • Signing up for notifications and emails
  • Becoming a Footlocker member
  • Following it on social media

These options can help you to keep your eyes on the latest Footlocker releases so that you don’t miss anything. This is important as Footlocker sells out fast and it is first come first serve.

So if you don’t make it there in time after a release, that item that you may want could be gone. Most releases are restocked, but this isn’t always the case, and when it is, it can be hard to know when that restock is going to be.

This is why it is worth keeping up to date if you are a big Footlocker fan.

When Will Footlocker be Restocked?

Footlocker doesn’t have any kind of set restocking schedule, but it does restock its stores on a daily basis. This helps to keep up with the demand and keep the stores looking fully stocked so that customers can find what they need.

It also restocks its online store randomly as there is no set schedule for this task. Sometimes items are restocked every few days or every Monday of the week to keep the online site stocked.

If you don’t know when a restock is going to happen and you are waiting for something, in particular, you could call Footlocker. Footlocker can tell you if an item is in stock and might even disclose to you when they will be restocking it.

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