Why Does Grubhub Say Closed?

Ordering from Grubhub is convenient, when it’s open, that is. If you find that Grubhub is saying it’s closed, you should consider why.

Then, you can figure out when Grubhub will be open for ordering next. Or you can decide if you need to order through another app.

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Why Does Grubhub Say Something’s Closed?

Grubhub may say something’s closed for a few reasons. For one, restaurants can pause Grubhub orders to catch up if they get busy. Also, the restaurant may have different hours, especially if you’re trying to order on a holiday.

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A restaurant may also close due to environmental factors, such as a water main break. Or during the winter, they could have shorter hours than during the summer.

Why Grubhub Says a Restaurant Is Closed

Grubhub may say a restaurant is closed for various reasons. Consider the following if you find that you can’t order your favorite food on the app.

The Restaurant Is Busy

Sometimes, restaurants get busy and so choose to pause Grubhub orders. That gives the merchant time to catch up on the customers who are eating in or are ordering through the drive-thru.

Restaurants don’t want to get too behind, so pausing online orders is easy. They can keep their current customers happy. When things calm down or a new employee shows up for their shift, they can turn Grubhub back on.

Holiday Hours Are In Effect

Many restaurants will adjust their hours or close completely on holidays. You can expect restaurants to close all day on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. On Independence Day, Labor Day, and other holidays, restaurants may close earlier than normal.

Take a look at the calendar to determine if it’s a holiday. Even if it’s not a major holiday, restaurants might still choose to close early or open late. This can happen on the days before or after big holidays.

It’s the Winter

Another date-based reason Grubhub says a restaurant is closed has to do with the seasons. Some merchants have longer hours in the summer and shorter in the winter. They might close one or two hours earlier during the colder months.

The same can happen during the week versus the weekend. Throughout the year, some restaurants are open an extra hour or two on Friday and Saturday nights. Keep the day and season in mind, especially when you’re ordering late at night.

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The Environment Is to Blame

Maybe you find that only one location of a restaurant is closed on Grubhub. In that case, consider searching for other restaurants on the same block. You might notice a trend that all of those merchants have turned off Grubhub.

When that happens, there could be a water main break. So the restaurants can’t properly cook and prepare your food. Luckily, you can order from another location, but it may take longer to get your order if it’s significantly farther away.

What to Do When a Restaurant Is Closed

When a restaurant is saying it’s closed, you can do a few things. Then, you might learn when to order from the place next time.

Contact the Restaurant

One option is to contact the restaurant, ideally the specific location that’s closed. You can call their phone number to see if anyone picks up. If not, it’s safe to assume that the location isn’t taking orders from anyone.

Another option is to look on the restaurant’s website or social media pages. Sometimes, they’ll post an alert if they’ll be closed or have shorter hours.

Find Another Location

If only one location isn’t taking orders, find the next closed option. This can be a lot further away from you, so you’ll need to decide if you want to risk it. Ordering from far away means your food could be cold by the time it gets to you.

Alternatively, you can find a different restaurant that’s nearby. Then, you’ll be able to order food through Grubhub and get it fresh.

Order Food Earlier

If you’re trying to order food at 9 or 10 at night, consider the restaurant hours. The store may have adopted shorter hours than you’re used to.

So you’ll know that you need to order food earlier in the evening. You can also look at the hours for other days of the week. The place may still be open late on the weekends.

Of course, you can also check other locations or restaurants in your area. Then, you’ll be able to satisfy your craving late into the night.

Why Would Grubhub Say a Restaurant Is Closed?

Grubhub might say a restaurant is closed because the restaurant is too busy with other orders. Of course, the merchant may have closed early for a holiday or winter hours. Sometimes, a single location will close if they have a water main break or something similar happens.

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