Lost Amazon Gift Card

Unfortunately, it’s possible to lose a gift card whether you received a physical copy or an electronic code. Losing a gift certificate can be a frustrating experience and leave you feeling out of luck.

Thankfully, there are steps you can take if you lose an Amazon Gift Card, and we cover them in the article below.

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I Lost My Amazon Gift Card

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t take responsibility for lost Gift Cards. But you can resend electronic Gift Card emails. You can resend an electronic Gift Card to the recipient in the ‘Your Orders’ tab of your account. Amazon will disable the previous code, generate a new one, and send it out.

What to Do if You Lose an Amazon Gift Card

There are a few limited options available if you lose an Amazon Gift Card. One of your options is to have Amazon resend you a gift card if you purchased an electronic copy. You’ll need the following information when you contact Amazon:

  • The order number
  • The purchaser’s first name and the recipient’s name
  • The email address that the gift card was sent to
  • The Gift Card number, if the card was purchased from an authorized distributor instead of online from Amazon

Lost Amazon Gift Card

Resend an Email Gift Card

You can resend an email verified gift card to the recipient if it doesn’t arrive. An electronic email gift card might be blocked by some email service providers. In other cases, the email gift card is located in the “junk” or “spam” folders. Here’s how to resend an email gift certificate:

  1. Head to Your Orders section on Amazon.
  2. Choose Order Details located beneath the Order ID to launch the Order Summary information.
  3. Click Resend for the Gift Card you wish to resend.
  4. Go over the information regarding the gift card order and follow any prompts. Amazon may require payment or information verifications for security reasons.

Will Amazon Refund a Lost Gift Card

Amazon will automatically generate a new Gift Card for the recipient and disable the original gift certificate. You’ll receive a confirmation email once the task is finished. You can only resend a Gift Card five times.

Note: If there isn’t a Resend link, the gift card has most likely been verified by the recipient.

Will Amazon Refund a Lost Gift Card?

Unfortunately, Amazon will not refund a lost gift card and is not responsible for the risk of loss. Amazon states that the risk of loss and responsibility for the Gift Card is passed to the purchaser, designated recipient, or delivery carrier after the electronic transmission is finished.

Amazon is not responsible for:

  • If your Gift Card is lost
  • If your Gift Card is stolen
  • If your Gift Card is destroyed
  • If your Gift Card balance is used without your approval

Amazon won’t cover Gift Card scams and payment requests either. Amazon doesn’t take any liability for any unlawful conduct or fraud by third parties. You can find out more here.

Common Gift Card Redemption Problems

There are several common Amazon Gift Card redemption issues that user’s can come across. We cover a few of them in more detail below.

You’ve Already Activated the Gift Card on Your Account

You might come across an error code that states your Gift Card has already been claimed The Gift Card might have already been activated to your Amazon account or a separate account. Amazon keeps the balance in your profile for future use after you submit the claim code, so you don’t have to enter the code a second time.

You can head over to the Your Gift Card Balance page to see if the balance is in your account or not. You can also view the Gift Card Terms & Conditions for more information, regulations, and policies.

Your Gift Card was Applied to the Incorrect Account

Amazon applies the funds to the account you used to log in when you claim a Gift Card code. It’s vital to use the correct information and account when redeeming an Amazon Gift Card.

Unfortunately, you cannot transfer Amazon Gift Card funds to a separate account or a different Amazon website once the code has been redeemed. You can review the Amazon Gift Card Restrictions and Prohibited Activities page for additional information.

The Claim Code Can’t Be Redeemed or Gift Card is Lost

You’ll need to contact Amazon directly if your Gift Card claim code is ineligible or if you accidentally lost it. Amazon requires the following information for this issue:

  • The 16 or 30-digit code number on the Gift Card
  • The order code, if available
  • The purchaser’s first name and the recipient’s name
  • The email address that the gift card was delivered to

Note: If you purchased an Amazon Gift Card at a verified location, you’d need to contact the shop for additional guidance and show the receipt for more information.

What Can I Do If I Lose My Amazon Gift Card?

Unfortunately, Amazon will not cover most lost Gift Cards. However, you can contact Amazon directly for some issues, including resending an electronic gift certificate email. You’ll need to provide the order number, purchaser’s name, recipient’s name, email address, and gift card number.

You can resend an electronic Amazon Gift Card in the ‘Your Orders’ tab of your account. You might need to follow verification prompts for security purposes. Amazon will disable the previous code and generate a new one. You can only send a new electronic code five times.

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