Can Uber Eats Deliver to Military Bases?

Many Uber Eats couriers have experienced headaches and frustration regarding military bases. U.S military bases have strict rules, policies, and guidelines for who’s allowed to enter and leave.

Although these strict procedures can be confusing, there are ways you can make the drop-off process easier.

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Will Uber Eats Deliver to Military Bases?

Not all U.S. military bases can accept Uber Eats deliveries. Each base will have a different set of rules, regulations, and restrictions. These guidelines will also vary on the political climate and circumstance. If you’re an Uber Eats courier, be sure to contact your customer before heading out.

Each Military Base Is Different

Each military base will have a different set of rules. It doesn’t matter whether your drop-off location is an Air Force, Marine, or Army installation— each base will have its own set of rules you have to adhere to. However, one rule does apply to all military bases.

You May Need a Military ID

Can Uber Eats Deliver to Military Bases

What is the one rule that applies to all U.S. military bases? If you don’t have a valid military ID, you will need special permission to enter the base. This applies to entering on foot, by car, or any other method of transportation. This rule will apply to you unless you are a registered federal employee or granted special access.

Security Forces at the Front Gate

Nearly every U.S military base will have armed security guards manning the front gate. These men and women are there to ensure only authorized personnel enter and leave the facilities.

If you’re a delivery driver who frequents a military base, you’ll want to make friends with these individuals. If you’re denied access, it won’t be a personal matter. Instead, the guards are doing their jobs and following protocol.

Delivery Options

If you’re an Uber Eats courier, you still have options for completing trips to military bases. Making arrangements with the customer beforehand, using designated drop-off locations, or calling the visitor center are some of your options.

Arrange to Meet Outside

Arranging to meet outside the front gate with the customer is one way to bypass any complications. Be sure to contact the customer ahead of time to sort out any details and information.

There May Be Designated Drop-Off Locations

Some bases have designated drop-off locations outside the front gate. Typically, these areas will be noticeably marked. If you aren’t sure whether your drop-off location has set areas in place, you can contact the base beforehand.

Calling The Visitor Center

Because each military base will have different policies and regulations, here are some tips you can use for delivering food to a U.S military base.

If you can’t reach the customer or arrange to meet outside the base, you’ll need to call the base’s Visitor Center or Welcome Center. Alternatively, you can contact the base operator and ask to be connected to the office responsible for approving deliveries.

From there, you’ll want to ask for the current delivery procedures. Some military bases will allow delivery drivers to enter family housing areas but not “working areas.” Working areas may include flight lines, maintenance depots, or other restricted areas.

Other U.S military bases may have specific delivery procedures for couriers in advance. Be sure to contact the base before heading out so you know all the rules, policies, and circumstances.

Your Vehicle May Be Inspected

It’s important to note; you’re visiting a United States military base as a commercial vehicle. This means your vehicle is subject to inspection upon entering the installation and leaving. These rulings can apply to taxis, limousines, delivery vehicles, couriers, and more.

What If I Still Can’t Get In?

Can Uber Eats Deliver to Military Bases_

Many Uber Eats couriers have encountered frustrating scenarios involving military base deliveries. The process for entering and exiting a U.S military base is time-consuming and involved. Although this next solution is a bit juvenile, it can work if you’re in a pinch.

Leave It With the Guards

Some Uber Eats couriers who have run into this problem have opted for leaving the order with the guards. This solution is a bit juvenile and may result in a bad rating. However, you’ll still get paid for the trip. Here’s how you can leave the order with the guards:

  1. Ask for the security guard’s name.
  2. Let him know you’re leaving the food with him.
  3. Open your app and complete the trip.
  4. Select “Gave food to someone else,” write the guard’s name in the note, including the checkpoint/entry gate, and specify you weren’t allowed to enter
  5. Continue delivering orders as normal.

Can I Drop Off Orders to a Military Base?

Each U.S military base will have different delivery rules, regulations, and restrictions. Not all bases will accept Uber Eats couriers. Be sure to contact the customer and arrange to drop off details before heading out. Alternatively, you can call the bases Visitor Center or Welcome Center.

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