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If you are often busy and don’t have time to cook, you may find that you rely on being able to make food in your crockpot. This is a common solution for many people as this is such a handy tool in the kitchen.

You can throw everything into a crockpot and set it on low or medium and step away for hours to let it do its thing. This is an easy way to get homemade cooking done without having to spend much time in the kitchen.

This is a great option for all kinds of soups and casseroles, but you can do so much more with your crockpot. Many meal delivery services have jumped on the crockpot wave and have started making crockpot meals.

This can make your life even easier by giving you everything that you need to create delicious and hearty crockpot food. You don’t have to plan your meals, do meal prep, or even go to the grocery store to get the ingredients.

These meal delivery services do everything for you, making it easy to cook delicious food at home in a hurry. Keep reading to find out what kinds of crockpot meal delivery options there are to try out.

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1.  What a Crock

What a Crock is one of the most popular crockpot meal delivery services that you will find right now. This company creates meals that arrive at your door ready to be thrown into the crockpot to cook all day as you do other things.

You can throw the food into your crockpot in the morning and have it ready to eat at dinner time when everyone is hungry. One of the best things about What a Crock is that it sells its meals by the portion.

So you don’t have to order any more food than what you need, especially if you don’t have a bunch of mouths to feed. This helps you to only cook what you need so that you are not overrun with leftovers from your delivery meals.

With What a Crock, you have a lot of flexibility that some meal delivery options might not have/. You can order a one-time order to try out the meals and see if it is a good fit for you, no questions asked.

Or you could order a plan to have crockpot meals delivered to you regularly to keep good food going into the crockpot. Though these meals are designed for a crockpot, they can also be cooked on the stove or in the oven in a pinch.

What a Crock also offers vegan and vegetarian options and regularly adds new meals to its rotation for you to pick from.

2.  Home Chef

Home Chef is another very popular meal delivery service that has so much to offer to anyone looking for fast and easy meals. This is not a crockpot-specific subscription service, but you can cook its meals in the crockpot.

Crockpot Meal Delivery

Many of Home Chef’s recipes come to you completely unprepared as everything is in meal kit form. This allows you to adapt many of the recipes to suit a crockpot method of cooking.

This can be a great option as Home Chef has so many delicious options that you might want to try. It offers exceptional quality and never skimps on the delicious recipes that it sends to you.

Home Chef does occasionally put out slow cooker recipes in its rotation of new recipes that go out to its site. These can be easily adapted for a crock pot like its other recipes on the site.

You can choose all kinds of dietary options, whether you are vegetarian, trying to cut back on carbs, or limiting your calories. It has many options for all kinds of preferences, making it ideal for anyone looking for fast and healthy meal options to try out.

As long as you understand how your crockpot works, it should be simple to use these recipes for crockpot meals at home.

3.  Blue Apron

Blue Apron is another meal delivery service that specializes in bringing fresh meal kits right to your doorstep in record time. This is not a company that focuses on crockpot meals, but they can be adapted much like Home Chef meals.

Just Crock It

All Blue Apron ingredients are responsibly sourced, and it is known for its delicious and fresh options from around the world. This is an adventurous company that offers all kinds of tastes and textures to keep you interested in your food.

Not all recipes from Blue Apron could be cooked in a crockpot, but there are several that could easily be adapted. Blue Apron, like most delivery services, also puts out new recipes regularly, so you can always keep your eye on the options.

There are vegetarian options as well as weight watchers or diabetic-friendly options that you can get. There are plenty of customization options and different meals set by different cooking skill levels.

As long as you understand how your crockpot works, you should be able to pick out the best recipes to turn into crockpot dishes.

4.  Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks is a subscription service that is popularly known for its butcher box options full of fresh meat of all cuts. This has been a very popular place to pick up premium meats that are of the highest quality for cooking at home.

Though Omaha Steaks has only recently launched its own crockpot meal options that are exceptionally easy to make. Like its other options, these meals are made of the best premium ingredients to guarantee freshness and flavor.

You will get meal kits that have already been prepped for you with all of the ingredients perfectly portioned out. This allows you to simply dump everything in your crockpot and leave it to cook the meal.

Omaha Steaks has created these recipes to be as simple as possible with little to no work required on your part. Everything is ready to go in your crockpot and generally takes a few hours to cook without the need for supervision.

This way, you can start your crockpot meal in the afternoon and serve it up just in time for dinner. Omaha Steaks has all kinds of crockpot dishes that range from tasty and exciting options to comfort food options.

Just keep in mind that there won’t be any meatless options as this is a meat-based company. Many of the Omaha Steaks crockpot meals feature one or more of its premium protein options.

This includes its options like the beef stroganoff or the Italian red wine beef stew. If you are a steak lover, this is a great company to try out.

5.  Sunbasket

Sunbasket is another popular meal delivery service that is very well known and is used by many people all over. It is especially popular as it not only offers ready-to-eat meals, it also sells meal kits that you can cook at home.

Fresh and ready meals can easily be adapted to be heated up in your crockpot. Though Sunbasket is not a crockpot-specific company, nor does it offer a select line of crockpot meals that you can buy.

That being said, many Sunbasket kits can also be adapted to be cooked in the crockpot if you understand how to do this. It is generally easy to do, as long as the recipe is compatible with a crockpot.

Sunbasket is also popular as it offers all kinds of dietary meals that you can choose according to your preferences. This includes options like vegetarian, soy-free, dairy-=free, gluten-free, and vegan dishes.

This allows you to customize your options according to what you like to eat or what foods you try to avoid. This gives you more customization options than some meal delivery services that focus just on crockpot meals.

Sunbasket also releases new options regularly, so more crockpot-friendly meals could become available over time.

6.  Just Crock It

Just Crock It is a crockpot meal delivery program, as the name would suggest. All of the meals are specially created for crockpots and arrive at your door frozen and ready to throw in your crockpot.

This is one meal delivery service where it doesn’t matter that the meals are frozen. This just means that you can put the meal in your crockpot in the morning and have it ready to eat by dinner time.

Though it is important to mention that Just Crock It does not deliver everywhere as it is still a small company. It mainly caters to specific areas but also mentions that you could ask about special deliveries.

If you live close by, Just Crock It might still be able to get your deliveries to you.

This is a family-owned and run company, meaning that you will be supporting a family’s dream when you order from Just Crock It. All of the meals are assembled by hand with the freshest ingredients around.

Then everything is quickly frozen to preserve that freshness so that you can make it whenever you want to. You can store these meals in your freezer until you need a fast and easy dinner for that week.

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