Will Chipotle Bring Back Brisket?

If you were one of the lucky customers who got a chance to try the brisket at Chipotle, you may be wondering if it will come back to the menu. Many customers have asked this question as, the smoked brisket was a huge hit at Chipotle.

Though it wasn’t on the menu for long, many customers fell in love with this protein option and are now missing it terribly. Especially as it was gone so quickly without much warning from Chipotle about the change.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Chipotle will be bringing back the smoked brisket protein option to its menu.

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Will the Brisket at Chipotle Come Back to the Menu?

Though Chipotle has not stated when it may bring the brisket back, it did remark that it would most likely be back in the future. This shows Chipotle fans that the brisket is most likely not gone for good but will repeat one day on the menu.

This is good news for people who really loved the smoked brisket option that appeared at Chipotle. This was an option that came as quickly as it went but managed to collect many fans very quickly.

People loved this new menu item as it was richly flavorful and was a delicious new meat option. Though Chipotle does have quite a few meat options, it was a nice change from what customers usually had to choose from.

This made it especially sad for people when Chipotle removed the smoked brisket from the menu quite suddenly. Leaving many customers to wonder if it would ever be brought back or if it truly was gone for good.

Why Was Chipotle’s Brisket Discontinued?

Though the brisket was a huge hit at Chipotle, it did end up having to cut this delicious protein option from the menu. When asked why that is, it was very clear that it wasn’t from a lack of demand.

Will Chipotle Bring Back Brisket

In fact, the brisket pretty much surpassed the demand for any other meat on the Chipotle menu, making it the top option. The issue came when Chipotle ran out  of its brisket supply.

This restaurant chain works very hard to only supply the best of the best for its customers in terms of ingredients. Because of this, it doesn’t always have a huge amount of stock, especially for new items.

Chipotle simply ran out of its stock of brisket, forcing it to cut the item from its menus quite quickly due to the demand. The brisket was being ordered consistently but hungry customers, showing just how popular it was.

Despite the fact that Chipotle has many other meat options on its menu, such as the:

  • Chicken
  • Steak
  • Carnitas
  • Barbacoa
  • Chorizo

Despite having all of these tasty meat options, customers still flocked to the brisket instead, leading to a supply shortage.

Was the Brisket at Chipotle a Limited-Time Option?

It was no secret that the smokey brisket was a limited-time option on the Chipotle menu. This was only one of many limited-time options that Chipotle has tested out in its locations.

This means that the smoked brisket was always doomed to be removed from the menu, whether it was a huge success or not. It just had to be removed sooner due to the huge demand that fans asked for.

This is common for restaurants as they may want to test potential menu items or simply offer special items for a short amount of time. Due to the huge demand for the brisket, it is very likely that it will come back to the Chipotle menu.

Especially if people continue to ask for it and sign petitions to have it permanently added to the Chipotle menu.

Will Chipotle’s Brisket be Available Again?

Though no official date has been mentioned, Chipotle has hinted at the fact that the brisket may come back to the menu. Due to its popularity, it is very likely that it will be re-released for a limited time or added to the menu permanently.

It was officially meant to be offered for a limited time but ran out sooner than expected due to the demand by customers. This is a clear sign that the smoked brisket would do well if brought back to the Chipotle menu.

So fans have plenty of reason to believe that they may see the brisket back on the menu in the foreseeable future.

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  1. Please bring back the brisket to the menu it was very well loved when it was I sure do miss it please let us know on a date.

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