Best Cars for Doordash

Best Cars for Doordash

Choosing the right car for your DoorDash deliveries is an important decision. Many factors play into what will be the best car for your delivery career or side gig. These factors can include gas mileage, maintenance costs, cargo space, comfort, and overall cost.

We’ve evaluated these criteria for cars at different price points to help you determine the best car for your DoorDash deliveries.

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What Are the Best Cars for DoorDash?

Overall, we found the best car for DoorDash drivers at the lower price range to be a used Kia Optima. For the mid-price range, our favorite is a low-mileage, used Toyota Prius. And at the higher-end price range, we like the Tesla Model 3.

The Best Low-Price Range Car for DoorDash Drivers

In their early years, Kias, unfortunately, garnered a poor reputation. That’s changed, however, with Kias recently being named one of the most reliable car brands.

Look for a Kia that’s been manufactured within the last ten years to take advantage of both the low price and their much-improved reliability.

As of the writing of this article, there was a 2018 Kia Optima available for only $12,875, and several others in the $13,000 range. At 28/37 mpg, it has fairly good gas mileage, keeping your gas costs low.

Though it’s not a particularly large car, it does have plenty of room for you and your DoorDash deliveries.

The Best Mid-Price Range Car for DoorDash Drivers

For the mid-price range, an excellent option is a used Toyota Prius. A 2018 Toyota Prius 2 with low mileage is currently selling for about $23,000. At 54/50 mpg, your fuel costs will be very low.

Because replacing the main battery on a hybrid car can be expensive, it is wise to look for one with relatively low miles. The Toyota Prius also has a comfortable amount of space for both you and your DoorDash cargo.

The Best High-Price Car for DoorDash Drivers

If you want to do your DoorDash deliveries in style and luxury, may we suggest a Tesla Model 3? Brand new, the MSRP is $41,191, and the suggested price for a 2020 model is only $39,500.

Though the price tag is a splurge, you will certainly save money by not having to pay for any gas. The repair costs do have a reputation for being high, though, so try to be extra careful when you drive.

Car Share and Other Alternatives

You don’t necessarily need to buy or even own a car to be a DoorDash driver. DoorDash’s website actually says you can use any car, or even a bicycle or motorcycle, as long as you have the appropriate license and insurance.

If you live in an area that is bike-friendly, and there are enough restaurants and destinations within biking distance, a bicycle is technically an option, but you must be extra safety-conscious in traffic.

Likewise, a motorcycle is another option that will require extra safety awareness but will allow greater distances than a bicycle.

Other options include car shares or subscriptions. Although there are now several car-share companies, not all of them allow the shared car to be used for deliveries so check their rules.

For example, Turo, a well-known car share company, however, does not allow for the car to be used for deliveries. HyreCar, however, is a great option that was specifically created for gig workers.

They state that any ridesharing or delivery is allowed, have special insurance to keep you covered, and you can rent the desired car by the day, week, or month. It’s a great option to get you started and also to let you try out different cars so that you can be sure of the one you’d ultimately like to purchase.

A similar option in select locations is Gig, by AAA, which even lets your rent by the hour, though the per-hour cost may be higher than some other options.

The Best Cars for DoorDash Deliveries

The best DoorDash delivery car for a smaller budget is a used Kia Optima. For a mid-range budget, we found the best option to be a used Toyota Prius with low mileage. For a higher-end budget, the best choice is a Tesla Model 3.


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