Does DoorDash Give You a Bag?

Does DoorDash Give You a Bag?

If you have been thinking about making extra money as a DoorDash driver, you’re probably wondering what you’ll need to get started and how to get those items. One of the main items you will need is an insulated carrying bag for transporting food orders.

An insulated carrying bag is an essential item for food deliverers and you’ll want to make sure you have one right from the beginning.

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Does DoorDash Give Drivers a Bag?

Thankfully, DoorDash does give drivers a bag as part of the activation kit. Even better, the bag and activation kit are free! You can receive your free insulated delivery bag after you have successfully signed up as a DoorDash delivery person and have completed DoorDash’s sign-up steps.

Does DoorDash Send the Bag to Me Automatically?

Almost, but not quite. Although it is rather simple to receive your bag from DoorDash, you do have to successfully sign up to be a DoorDash delivery person and complete their sign-up steps. Read on to learn how to do this and what to do if you don’t receive the bag in a timely manner.

How Do I Get My Free DoorDash Bag?

To receive your free DoorDash bag, simply select “Activation Kit” as your preferred method of orientation after signing up to be a DoorDash delivery person. DoorDash will mail the bag and the rest of the Activation Kit once you’ve completed DoorDash’s sign-up steps. The process is simple and Doordash does not do a drug test, only a background check.

You can even get health insurance with doordash.

These steps will include completing your W9 and may include the completion of your background check. You’ll also want to select “Ship it to me.” At that point in the process, you should be directed to an Activation Confirmation page.

If not, make sure to reach out to DoorDash’s support team to see what might have happened.

How Long Does it Take to Receive the Bag?

DoorDash states it will take 1-4 business days for you to receive the bag via USPS once all steps are completed. If you don’t receive your Activation Kit or confirmation email within 10 days of requesting it, reach out to DoorDash’s support team. It may be a problem with an incorrect address, a delay with the background check, or it may have even gotten lost in the mail. Whatever the case, DoorDash’s support is there to help you figure out the problem and come up with a solution.

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What Happens If I Lose the Bag? Can I Get Another Bag?

While DoorDash generally will not replace the bag for free, you can buy another one from their store. As of the writing of this article, they can be replaced for an affordable $8.00.

Will One Bag Be Enough?

The free insulated tote bag provided by DoorDash is definitely helpful. It will allow you to deliver small to medium-sized orders in a clean and professional manner.

If you start to get busier and are delivering larger or multiple orders, the bag provided might not have quite enough room, though. A busy DoorDash delivery person might consider buying an extra bag or two. While it’s wonderful that DoorDash provides a free delivery bag to get you started, J. from Oregon (name withheld for privacy) explained that the free bag provided is not really big enough for pizzas, big orders, or more than one order at once. For those, he recommends checking out either or DoorDash’s online store.

For example, there are lots of great insulated tote bags, such as this one, on Amazon that can accommodate multiple or larger orders. It even has drink holders to prevent spills for truly professional and clean food delivery. It’s currently available on Amazon for about $29. There are many other options there, too.

DoorDash’s online store has great options for additional DoorDash-branded bags, as well as branded pizza delivery bags. You can pick up other sleek DoorDash swag while you’re there, too, such as window clings or other helpful items to make your deliveries as clean and smooth as possible.

Getting a Bag From DoorDash

DoorDash generously provides their drivers with a free, insulated food delivery bag as part of the Activation Kit. All a DoorDash delivery person has to do to receive their free bag is to request the Activation Kit and complete DoorDash’s simple sign-up steps. If there is any delay or problem, reach out to DoorDash’s support.


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