Does Walmart Self-Checkout Take 100 Dollar Bills?

If you have 100 dollars, you may be wondering if the self-checkouts at Walmart will take this larger bill. This is a common question as many people are not sure what payment options are allowed at self-checkout machines.

Every store is different, and some have different rules for their self-checkout machines. The checkout machines at Walmart are especially mysterious as they often tend to have issues and can be complicated to deal with when checking out.

Keep reading to find out whether or not you can pay with a 100-dollar bill at the Walmart self-checkout.

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Will Walmart Self-Checkout Accept $100?

Walmart self-checkout machines are a great place to use your 100-dollar bills if you are purchasing something. This is something that these machines will accept, allowing you to use your larger bills to pay for your selected Walmart items.

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It has been confirmed that most, if not all, Walmart locations will allow you to pay with $100 at the self-checkout stations. This is only not allowed in very rare instances where there may not be enough cash to give back to you.

If you were to buy $5 worth of Walmart items with a $100, this may not go through if the machine doesn’t have enough cash to reimburse you. If that’s the case, you will have to select a different payment option.

If you only have 100 dollars, you can have an employee cancel your transaction and go to a cashier to check out instead. Cashiers should be able to accept $100 as long as they have enough change in the register.

Some people do this so that they can split up a larger bill if they want more cash options. Just keep in mind that it may not always work if there isn’t enough cash to give back to you.

Does Walmart Self-Checkout Take $50?

You may also be wondering if the self-checkout at Walmart will accept $50 bills. This is a good question since many machines have limits to the kinds of dollar bills that they can accept.

Some machines are not programmed to accept certain kinds of dollar bills and will not allow you to pay in that way. This can be frustrating and end in you having to pay with an option that you didn’t want to have to use.

Many machines cannot accept 2-dollar bills, for instance. This is because $2 is rare, and the machines are not programmed to recognize them.

In order to avoid unneeded frustration, it is best to know what these machines will and won’t accept. This can save you time and help you to pay for your items faster without any extra hassle on your part.

If you aren’t sure about what the Walmart self-checkout will accept, you can always ask a Walmart employee before going to checkout. This is the best way to know for certain before starting your transaction.

Does Walmart Self-Checkout Take Cash?

If you are new to using the self-checkout stations at Walmart, you may not know if they accept cash or not. The good thing is that all of these machines do accept cash for the most part.

There are certain Walmart locations where the machines cannot take cash. This could be due to the machines being out of date, damaged, or they need to be replaced to work better.

Most people go to the self-checkout machines expecting to be able to pay with cash. So Walmart employees should be nearby alerting customers if the machines do not take cash.

That or there will be signs posted nearby to let you know before you start to use one of the machines. Walmart self-checkout machines also accept:

  • Walmart gift cards
  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • EBT cards

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Can I Use $100 at Walmart Self-Checkout?

If you have 100 dollars in cash, you can use this to pay for your items at the Walmart self-checkout machines. Most machines are programmed to accept this kind of bill and shouldn’t give you any trouble when doing so.

There are instances where it may not be able to if you are supposed to get a large amount of cash back. The machine may not have the necessary cash, causing an issue with the payment.

This often happens if people are just using this to split their $100 bill and only buy something very cheap. This results in a larger cash back, which the machine might not have at the ready.

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