How to Change Return Location on Amazon

If you have placed a return for an Amazon package, you may realize that you want to change the return location. But how do you do this?

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Are you even allowed to change your return details after starting the return?

These are common questions as you may click something by accident or change your mind after starting the return. If this is the case for you, you are probably trying to figure out how to fix this issue so that you can still make the return.

Keep reading to find out how you can change the return location on an Amazon return.

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Change the Return Location on Amazon

If you have placed an Amazon return but need to change the return location, this can be a bit complicated to fix. The easiest thing to do is simply cancel the return and begin a new return so you can update the return details.

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This is the most straightforward way to go about changing the location, which is also very quick. This allows you to completely start over without having any more issues with your return.

If you do not want to have to cancel your return, you could always try to contact Amazon for help. If you can contact the support team, they should be able to edit your return details for you on their end.

It can be very hard to find a way to contact Amazon directly as it is such a big company, but the best options are:

  • Call by phone
  • Send an email
  • Start a real-time chat

These are the support options that Amazon provides if you are having issues. A support member will be able to fix the issue for you so that you can return your Amazon package the way that you want it to.

Use the Return Code on Amazon

Amazon has a fairly new system in place that allows customers to get a unique return code for their returns. This code eliminates the need to print off any return labels, making it a very popular option for people.

If you choose a return method that does require a label, you will receive a return code once the return has been confirmed. This code will remain in the details of this return so that you have easy access to it.

When you take it to your chosen drop-off location, you will be asked to show the code. Then it can be scanned directly from your phone screen to issue the return so that a label can be printed.

This is a simple yet effective way to go about making Amazon returns. It eliminates the need to have a printer and allows you to easily make returns without having to do anything on your part.

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How Do Amazon Returns Work?

Amazon is known for having exceptionally simple returns, making it even more popular. Many online stores can make returning items complicated but not Amazon.

Amazon has a process for this and makes it as simple as it can be. Returns are handled the same way as well, so once you do it once or twice, you will get the hang of it.

You will be guided through the process and either given a label to print or a return code to use. Then, you will have the ability to make the return to your chosen location whenever you like.

Items on Amazon typically have to be returned within 30 days after starting the return. This will not include the time it takes to get to the warehouse, only the time you have to return the item.

If you use a code, you will get your refund once the code has been scanned, signaling that the return has started. If you go with a label, you usually have to wait for a refund until the package gets to its destination.

Very rarely do people ever run into issues with Amazon’s return system.

In Conclusion

If you have placed an Amazon return but want to change the return location, you have two options to choose from. If this happens, you can either cancel the return and start it over again, or you can contact Amazon support.

It can be difficult to contact Amazon support and can take much longer to do, while canceling your return is very quick. This allows you to start over and enter the correct details this time around.

Amazon has very simple returns and always tries to make the process as easy as possible. This is why it has even offered a code instead of having you print off a return label.

One benefit to making amazon returns is that they are usually free. This is very unique, considering many online stores charge a fee for returns no matter what it is.

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