Does Zappos Sell Fake Bags?

Zappos has been in business since 1999 and is owned by Amazon, but many customers are still concerned they sell fake merchandise. Don’t panic if you’re worried about finding fake handbags at Zappos or if you think you received faulty goods.

We cover everything you need to know in the article below. Read on for more information.

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Does Zappos Sell Counterfeit Bags?

Fortunately, Zappos does not sell fake handbags or counterfeit apparel. They carry legit merchandise from trusted brands. The Zappos Return Policy prevents them from accepting merchandise that’s worn, washed, or in a faulty condition. They’re also owned by Amazon, which improves its trustworthiness and respect as a business.

Manu customers are concerned that Zappos sells fake or counterfeit products. Luckily, the company does not carry any fake merchandise, and they’re completely legit. There are a few more considerations to keep in mind, including the following:

  • The Zappos Return Policy prevents them from accepting used, counterfeit, or worn merchandise.
  • You can return defective or faulty merchandise to Zappos for free. Visit the Return Policy page for more information.
  • Be sure to contact the Zappos Customer Loyalty Crew if you believe your merchandise is fake or defective. You can reach a representative 24/7.

The Return Policy at Zappos

The Zappos Return Policy allows customers to refund eligible merchandise from anywhere in the United States for free. Like other retail policies, there are a lot of factors to consider, including the following:

  • Zappos return shipping is free from any location in the United States.
  • Merchandise must be unworn with the original security tags and packaging intact. Any products that do not meet these criteria will not qualify for reimbursement.
  • Customers have 365 days from their purchase date to return products.
  • It typically takes 5-10 business days for a return to arrive and finish processing. Afterward, Zappos will reimburse the original payment method, which can take an additional 2-10 business days to complete.
  • You can visit the Returns page to start the self-return process at

Does Zappos Sell Counterfeit Bags

My Merchandise is Faulty or Defective

You have several options available if you believe your Zappos order is faulty, defective, or counterfeit. Besides returning your merchandise, you can also contact the Zappos Customer Loyalty Cew for additional assistance.

Call the Zappos Customer Loyalty Cew

One method you can use for additional assistance or inquiries is to call the Zappos Customer Loyalty Cew. You can reach Zappos 24/7 at the following number:

  • 1-800-927-7671

Use the Live Help Feature

Alternatively, you can ask a question or receive additional support from the Zappos Customer Loyalty Cew by accessing the Live Help feature. Simply click here to open a new conversation window. You may need to log into your account to use the Zappos Live Help option.

Does Zappos Sell Fake Bags

Use the FAQ Section

Finally, you can visit the Zappos FAQ section to find answers to commonly asked questions and other useful information. Simply navigate to the Zappos FAQ and find your issue from the topics provided.

Counterfeit Merchandise

Zappos does not carry any counterfeit merchandise, including handbags or accessories. In fact, The Zappos Return Policy prevents them from accepting merchandise that’s worn, washed, or in a faulty condition.

You can contact the Zappos Customer Loyalty Crew at 1-800-927-7671 if you believe your purchase is fake or you require additional assistance.

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