DoorDash Card Declined

Getting your DoorDash card declined is one of the biggest complaints of DoorDash customers.


This is a very common issue that many deal with. Some users might get this message from Doordash: “your payment was not successful”.

If this was a problem that you have had to face, you probably are looking for answers. So that you can fix the problem from here on out and use the app more easily.

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Why Can’t I Use My Card on DoorDash?

There are several reasons why DoorDash might be declining your card. The most common reason is that your payment information is incorrect. This is the easiest problem to fix so that you can pay for your order and add your card to DoorDash.

Since most people use DoorDash on their phones, it can be very easy to add the wrong payment details by mistake. This can be as small of an error as one incorrect number or a misspelling. Usually users get this error “your payment was not successful“.

As small as these errors can be, they can create a lot of frustration and hassle. Especially if you do not know why your card is being declined.

Problem 1

Sometimes the app might even have an unknown glitch that could be messing with your order. Making the app think that your card is incorrect. This can be very frustrating as it is not something that you can fix on your end.

Problem 2

Your bank could also be blocking the transaction if they find it suspicious, or the restaurant may not take your card type. This is something that you can look into on your end.

Problem 3

In some rare cases, there might actually be something wrong with your card. It might have expired or have been damaged in some way.

DoorDash Card Declined

Doordash Error Messages

There is a list of error messages that you might get in the Doordash app, when your payment fails:

  • “your payment was not successful”
  • “please try again later or use another payment method
  • “please use a different payment method”
  • doordash payment error
  • payment failed
  • please use a different payment method to checkout

What’s even worse is that your card might get declined, but still charged.

Sometimes, dasher direct cards also get declined or doordash payments are being blocked by the bank.

My Card is Being Declined by DoorDash

The very first thing that you should do if your card is declined on DoorDash is to check your payment information. Nine times out of ten, this is where the issue is going to be.

You will want to go to the DoorDash app and click on the Payment Methods tab. This will show you your payment information.

Take a good look over all of the details, double-checking that everything is correct. You could even reenter your card just to see if that fixes the error.

As strange as it may be, sometimes just reentering the same card can fix the issue. So this is worth a try if you can’t see any errors in your information.

Go back to your order and try to checkout again. You should know immediately if your card is working or if it has been declined again.

If worst comes to worst, it is always a good idea to look at your bank account. Just to be certain that you have the amount of money needed for your order.

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Last Resorts for Fixing a Declined Card on DoorDash

Sometimes the issue lies within the app itself and not in your card or card information. This is the frustrating reality that many DoorDash customers face at some point.

One way that you can try to get around this issue yourself is to add a different card to the app. Go to your account and go to the Payment Methods tab again.

Here you will have the option to add a new card, or you could even delete the other one. Add the information for the new card and double-check that it is correct.

Go back and try to place your order again. You will know instantly whether or not the new card has worked or been declined.

It also can’t hurt to take a peek at your bank account. Just to be certain that you have the needed funds to place your order. Without the funds, your card will be declined.

If adding a new card didn’t work, the second thing that you can try is to place the order on a computer instead of your phone. No one knows why, but sometimes things just work better on a computer.

If you have access to a computer, get onto the DoorDash website and try to place your order. You may have to recreate the order since you originally made it on your phone.

You can try to place the order with either one of your cards.

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Contact Support About The ‘Your Payment Was Not Successful’ Error

The very last thing that you can try if the other solutions did not work. Is to contact DoorDash support for help with the issue.

You can either call support or start an online chat. Calmly explain the issue and what you have already tried to do.

The support person should be able to look around on your account to try to spot any issues. They should be able to help solve the problem.

If there is a glitch within the site, they may be able to directly create your order so that you can still get your food.

Conclusion – What To Do

There are a number of reasons why your credit card could be getting declined by DoorDash. The most common is that there is something incorrect with your payment information.

Thankfully this is an easy fix that you can do on your own within your account. Generally, it is always a good idea to double-check any cards that you add to your DoorDash account.

You could also try adding other cards to your account if the first one doesn’t work. Sometimes specific cards are not accepted by DoorDash or the restaurant that you picked.

In rarer cases, your card could be blocked by the bank if they suspect it of fraudulent activity or having been stolen. This is rare but very much possible!

There could also be a glitch within the DoorDash site. As apps like DoorDash do occasionally get bugs or glitches that make the site hard to work with.

The good thing is that the DoorDash support team is always available to help. And can help you to find the issue behind your declined card.

So that, no matter what, you should be able to place your order.


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