DoorDash Completing Another Order

If you are a frequent customer at DoorDash, you may have noticed a notification that sometimes comes up. A notification that says that DoorDash is completing another order.

What does this mean? Does it mean that your order is getting delayed for someone else’s order? If you have had that question before, here is the answer.

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What Does DoorDash Completing Another Order Mean?

If you are waiting for your order and get a notification about DoorDash completing another order. This means that your Dasher has strayed slightly to pick up a neighboring order.

This is not great for either customer, as it can mean delivery delays or cold food.

This is a big complaint amongst DoorDash customers, as delivery time is everything when it comes to ordering out.

If you order tacos, they will not hold up well if your driver takes a 10-minute detour to deliver someone else’s food. This is just the reality.

Food delivery has to be as fast and efficient as possible. If you want to get your food still warm and intact that is.

These are the reasons why many DoorDash customers don’t like it when their food is combined with other deliveries. Someone is going to get the short end of the stick no matter what.

How Do Multiple DoorDash Orders Work?

doordash is completing another order

When you get a notification saying DoorDash is completing another order. That means that your driver is currently picking up or drawing off another customer’s order.

This notification is often sent out if your food is delayed because of this. Or if you are wondering where your driver is and why it’s taking so long.

This is a system put in place by DoorDash to get more orders done more quickly. As well as provide drivers with more work per hour.

How it works is drivers are given the option to pick up orders that are close by their current open order. All of these orders are generally only 5 to 10 minutes away.

DoorDash says that this shouldn’t affect individual orders, but it really does. Because, 5 to 10 minutes can mean the difference between cold food or a melted beverage.

This is the reason why many customers prefer that their drivers not take advantage of this option. There are also many drivers that don’t like it either.

Many drivers won’t take advantage of this option because they also know that it will negatively affect one of their orders.

Many drivers, especially those who are more experienced, will not want to deliver low-quality food. This is exactly what will happen if they take on too many orders at once.

But there are some drivers who are seduced by the chance to make more money per hour. Sometimes it never even occurs to them the difference that 5 to 10 minutes can mean for their first customer’s food.

How Can I Stop My Food From Being Delivered With Another Order?

The bad thing about this system that DoorDash has in place is that there isn’t much you can do about it. Not as a customer, at least.

You can really only order your food in the hopes that your driver will dedicate their full attention to that delivery.

One thing that you could also do to try to make it more worth their while is to tip generously. Typically the rule is to tip 20% of your order, but the more generous it is, the more dedicated your driver might be to your order.

If you notice that your driver is taking on multiple orders, you could always try to complain to DoorDash support. They are available for phone calls or chatting online at any time.

The problem is that this will rarely do you any real good besides getting your frustrations out. This is a common DoorDash policy that actually encourages drivers to do multiple orders. So they most likely won’t be able to help you.

The best time to contact support, would be if your driver is taking on way too many additional orders. And is making your food delivery late.

Or if your food is delivered damaged or cold, you could call to complain. They might give you a partial refund for your food not being delivered in a good state.

What is Completing Another Order on DoorDash?

If you see that your order is marked as DoorDash completing another order, it means that your driver is taking on multiple orders, which might delay your food.

This is a common complaint amongst DoorDash customers as it negatively affects them. DoorDash might profit, and the driver might profit. But the customer ultimately pays the cost.

There isn’t much that you can do about this process. But you can complain if you know that it has negatively affected your order. This might get you a partial or full refund, at least.

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