Doordash Says Google Pay is Not Set Up

If you are trying to use Google pay to pay for your Doordash order, you may run into an error on the way. This kind of error is not uncommon for those who use Google pay to pay for their food orders.

If this is an issue that you are having right now, here are some helpful tips on how to resolve it as well as why it is happening.

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Why is Doordash Saying My Google Pay Isn’t Set Up?

The most common reason for you to receive a Google pay not set up error on Doordash is due to an app update. Many Doordash customers experienced this error once they updated their app to the latest setting.

This app update created a bunch of Google pay errors for customers. It is a common issue to happen whenever a customer updates the Doordash app to the latest setting.

Many customers were able to resolve the issue themselves by removing Google pay from their payment preferences. Then add the option back in and try to pay with it for an order.

This little refresh is a great option to first try if you are experiencing a Google pay not set up error from Doordash. Like many Doordash app errors, it just needs a bit of a reset and refresh to work again.

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How Do I Set Up Google Pay for Doordash?

To set up Google pay on Doordash, you will need to log into your account on the app or website. From there, go to the Payment Methods option in the top left corner.

In the Payment or Payment Methods section, you should see all of your options. You will have the option to add various cards, and the Google pay should also be there to choose from.

From there, you will need to add all of your Google pay information to make it a valid payment option.

Some people have said that Google pay is no longer allowed on Doordash, but many customers continue to use it. Because of that, it is still considered to be an option if you do not want to pay with your cards or other means.

Does Google Pay Work For Doordash?

Doordash Says Google Pay is Not Set Up_

As far as we know, Google pay is still a viable option on the Doordash app. Some people have said that it is no longer allowed as a payment option but many are still using it.

There is often very conflicting information in regards to Doordash’s policies, but as long as people are still using Google pay, it is considered to be an option.

Many times, customers will only receive a Google pay not set up error from Doordash once they have done an app update. This can often be fixed by removing Google pay from your payment settings and adding it back.

Doing this will refresh the app and will usually remove the error and allow you to continue to use Google pay for your orders. Mamy errors work like this and simply need a refresh to start working, as usual again.

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Why Is Doordash Saying Google Pay Isn’t Ready?

You may get a Doordash Google pay not set up error if you have recently done an app update. It is a common complaint that the Google pay option will stop working after the Doordash app has had a latest update.

The good thing is that there is also a quick fix for this error to get your Google pay working again. To do this, all you need to do is to remove the Google pay option from your payment settings.

After doing that, you can add it back in and re-enter your payment information. Once you do that, it should reset it enough to remove the error and allow you to pay with Google pay without any issues.

Doordash Says Google Pay is Not Set Up

This is an easy fix that usually works for customers on Doordash. If this option does not solve the issue and remove the error, you can try calling Doordash’s support team.

They should be able to see the error and help you fix it so that you can use your Google pay option for orders again. Sometimes the Doordash app gets glitches that don’t really have an explanation, it just takes trial and error to fix them.

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