GameStop Preparing for Shipment

If you are new to ordering from the GameStop website, you may be wondering what GameStop preparing for shipment means. And whether or not your package has actually been shipped yet.

It can be hard to wait for your package to arrive after ordering it, as you want to be able to use it right now. Thankfully, GameStop has a pretty smooth shipping process and should get your item to you in record time.

To find out what GameStop preparing for shipment means, keep reading to learn more about how GameStop ships purchases.

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What Does GameStop Preparing for Shipment Mean?

If you see a GameStop preparing for shipment notification, this means that GameStop is processing your order. This process typically takes anywhere from 24 to 48 hours before the actual item is sent out to be shipped and delivered to you.

This is a very typical wait time as any processing place has to have a certain amount of time to prepare an order. This includes the time it takes to receive the order and get it ready to be shipped out.

Many companies do not have a preparing shipment notification, which is why many people do not understand what it means. This is just GameStop’s way of letting you know that your order is being prepared.

This will show you that your order has been received and it should be hitting the road as soon as possible. GameStop typically has good shipping times, so you shouldn’t be waiting too long.

How Long Does Preparing for Shipment Take GameStop?

It typically takes 24 to 48 hours for orders to be processed and prepared behind the scenes. This includes GameStop getting your order and pulling out the items that you bought. Then employees will need to pack everything up and get it ready to be shipped out.

Overall, 24 to 48 hours is a very reasonable time to wait before your package is ready to be shipped. You should also receive a notification once it has left the facility and is on its way to you.

What shipping option you choose will determine how quickly you get your package. Some options deliver in one to two days, one to five days, or in seven days.

These options will often come with different prices as well, so you can choose according to hope soon you want your package. Just be prepared to pay a much higher shipping fee if you want your package within a day or two.

So don’t worry if you see this preparing the shipment notification as it just means that your order is being processed. You should get a notification once your package is being shipped as well.

How Long Does it Take GameStop to Process Digital Orders?

What Does It Mean When GameStop is Preparing for Shipment

Buying digital items or games off of GameStop is one of the easiest and fastest options that you have. A GameStop product that is digital can take as little as five minutes to process and be delivered to you.

Sometimes this requires a longer process time, in which case it shouldn’t take any longer than four hours. This is still an exceptionally short wait time in comparison to having a product shipped to you.

You will likely see your digital order in a pending status until you get a delivery notification. This delivery will be in the form of a GameStop email which will contain a code that goes to your order.

You will not receive any physical product as this is a digital item that you will now be granted access to after ordering.

Keep in mind that GameStop has received some complaints about much longer wait times for digital orders to process. Some customers have even complained of waiting as long as several days to have their code delivered.

This is not the normal wait time, but it is something to keep in mind when ordering a digital GameStop product.

Does GameStop Process Orders Over The Weekend?

It is important to keep in mind when ordering from GameStop that orders are not done on weekend days. As of right now, GameStop doesn’t process or ship orders on Saturday or Sunday.

Its processing time is between Monday and Friday and not on the weekend. You can order items on the weekend, but these orders will not begin being processed until Monday of the next week.

This can lengthen your wait time, but this is just how GameStop works and how its schedule is. If you order something on Friday, you might also see a slight delay in your order if it is not processed and shipped before the weekend.

This is a very normal business practice, so you will just have to try to be patient. Remember that shipping days are also only weekdays and do not include Saturday or Sunday.

So, if your order is supposed to be delivered in three days, but it falls on the weekend, you may end up waiting for about five days.

What Does Digital Delivery Mean on GameStop?

If you are ordering something that is digital off of GameStop, you may be wondering just how you get the product. GameStop will send you an email with a code that grants you access to your digital purchase.

So there is technically no delivery involved except for the delivery of an email. With digital purchases, you do not have to wait for the product to be packed and shipped to you, it is simply ready to go.

This is part of why digital products have grown so much in popularity as they are fast and easy to get. You can place your order and have access to it within the same day.

If you see a digital delivery notification after policing your order through GameStop, this just means that the order is being processed. You can expect to use your digital purchase once you have gotten the email with the code.

GameStop Preparing for Shipment 1200

What Does It Mean When GameStop is Preparing for Shipment?

If you see a GameStop preparing for shipment notification, this just means your order is being processed. This is when the order is being accepted and arranged by the facility where products are stored.

This process can take up to 48 hours, depending on the order and how busy the facility is. You will know that your order has shipped when you get a new notification that is a shipping notification.

Once you get the shipping notification, you will be able to track your package as it makes its way to you. Be aware that GameStop doesn’t process or ship orders on Saturday or Sunday as it is the weekend.

GameStop only does these things Monday through Friday, and any orders placed on the weekend will have to wait. This will only be a slight delay, but it is a good idea to be aware of it so that you can expect to get your order later.

The amount of time it takes your order to get to you will also be reliant on the weekend as shipping times only include weekdays. You may find that your package is delayed slightly if it is delivered near the weekend.

If you order digital products off of GameStop, you have a much shorter wait time, however. Usually being able to get your order as soon as five minutes after ordering it. That or it may take up to four hours to process.

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