Grubhub Missing Items

Whether you’re too busy or otherwise can’t leave the house, consider using Grubhub. You can get the food you need to get through the day.

But you do give up control on checking your order to make sure it has everything. You should know what you can do if your Grubhub has missing items.

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Why Is Grubhub Missing Food?

Grubhub might be missing food if the restaurant is out of the item. Sometimes, the person bagging the order may have missed one of the items as well. Restaurant employees should check everything before handing the food to the driver.

restaurant employee checking bag

When driving for Grubhub, consider checking the order before leaving the restaurant. You can’t look inside, but you can feel for the items to see if something is clearly missing.

Why Grubhub Orders Might Be Incomplete

Grubhub orders might be incomplete for various reasons. The restaurant or driver might be at fault, or it could be a combination of both parties.

Consider the following reasons why an order could have missing items. Then, you can figure out how to solve the problem as a driver or customer.

The Restaurant Is Out

It sounds obvious, but sometimes, restaurants run out of certain items. They might not update their menu on Grubhub, especially if they’ll get more of the item the next day. Now, the restaurant should contact someone, such as Grubhub about the issue.

Sadly, it can be hard to avoid this problem. If you want a specific item, you may want to call the restaurant before you order through Grubhub. Then, you can make sure you’ll get the food you want.

Employees Bagged the Food Too Quickly

Restaurants are busier than ever, so employees might have to work more quickly. It’s one thing to be efficient, but working too fast can increase the chances of making a mistake. And one easy mistake to make is to leave out an important item from an order.

Employees should slow down and ensure they include all items in a bag. Grubhub drivers can also check the food to make sure everything is there. That way, the customer will get what they need.

There Was a Drink

Another easy mistake to make is to forget the drinks with an order of food. This can happen because the restaurant didn’t pass drinks to the driver through the drive-thru window. But the driver may not have realized they needed to make the drinks if they went into the lobby.

Once again, restaurants and drivers should check for drinks when making or grabbing orders. That way, the customer can get all of the stuff they paid for.

The Driver Left Something Behind

Maybe you placed a large order, so it had multiple bags. The driver may have grabbed one bag but not the other when they got to the restaurant. Or if they got both bags to their car, they could have accidentally only left one on your porch.

Going back to the issue with drinks, a driver could have also forgotten to grab a drink from their car. They might not notice the problem until they drive off, especially if they have their own drink in the cup holder.

drink in grubhub car cup holder

What to Do If Your Order Is Missing Items

If you realize your Grubhub is missing food, you can contact Grubhub Customer Care. This is a nice option at or after delivery. They can help fix the problem and get you the food you deserve or give you a credit.

As a driver, you can’t open the bag, but you can feel the outside of it. This won’t always help, especially if the missing item is small, but it can help catch larger errors. If you think something’s missing, ask the restaurant about it.

Yes, this can extend the delivery time, but you’ll make the customer happy. Then, you might get a bigger tip or a better customer rating than if you delivered an incomplete order.

Of course, if you work for a restaurant, check the order before you give it to the driver. You can also let the driver know if they need to fill a drink cup.

Who’s Responsible for Grubhub Missing Items?

Grubhub drivers are only allowed to check the order from the outside. So they might be partially responsible for missing larger items, such as full entrees. If the order was for three entrees, but they can only feel two, they should ask the restaurant about it.

However, the restaurant is more responsible since they handle the packaging. The employee who puts all of the items in the bag should double-check their work. That way, they can keep from leaving anything out.

How Can You Reduce the Chance of Missing Items?

As a customer, you always risk missing items when you order something on Grubhub. However, you can do a few things to reduce the chances of that happening.

First, order as few items as you can get away with. The more items an order has, the higher the chances there are of something missing or being wrong.

You might also want to avoid ordering drinks unless you really want or need them. Drinks can be easy for restaurants and drivers to forget since they don’t go in the main bag.

Why Are Items Missing From a Grubhub Order?

Items may be missing from a Grubhub order for various reasons. Maybe the restaurant is out of stock on an item, or perhaps the employees didn’t double-check the receipt when bagging the food. Sadly, Grubhub drivers can’t open your order to check the food. But you can contact Grubhub Customer Care to get a delivery credit if you’re missing something.

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