Grubhub Order Disappeared

Imagine you can’t wait to eat your favorite meal. You order the food on Grubhub and wait for the delivery, but you notice that it disappeared.

It can be annoying, but orders can disappear from Grubhub. Consider why that might happen and what you can do about it.

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Why Did My Grubhub Order Disappear?

Grubhub orders usually disappear because of something with the restaurant. The restaurant may be closed when Grubhub says it’s open. Or some restaurants might get behind and not get the chance to pause orders, but they can’t accept them either.

restaurant closed grubhub order disappear

It can be hard to prevent Grubhub orders from disappearing. But customers and drivers can do a few things to reduce the chances of their orders going away.

What Customers Can Do

While you can’t always avoid a disappearing order, you can do a few things. That way, you can lower the chance of your order getting canceled and disappearing off your account.

Call the Restaurant First

Before you place an order through Grubhub, call the restaurant directly. You can ask if they’re open and accepting Grubhub orders.

Sometimes, you may realize the phone number is out of service. Or you could get ahold of someone who tells you they aren’t doing Grubhub. You might also get a busy line, in which case it’s safe to assume the restaurant is a bit too busy.

Place a Small Order

Assuming you find that a restaurant is open to Grubhub orders, place as small of an order as you can. The more food you order, the longer it will take to make and bag everything.

Even if a restaurant is busy, they might be able to accept a smaller Grubhub order. So if you get one or two items, you could still get them to make your food.

Order During an Off Time

You might also want to order earlier or later than the busiest times. For one, restaurants will probably have more time to fulfill Grubhub orders.

Also, your order might get done quicker, so you won’t have to wait as long. Even just ordering half an hour earlier, such as at 5 instead of 5:30, could make a huge difference.

ordering grubhub food earlier

What Drivers Can Do

Grubhub drivers aren’t immune to disappearing orders either. While you can’t always control the orders you get, you can do a couple of things.

Keep Track of Good and Bad Restaurants

As you drive for Grubhub, keep a list of the best and worst restaurants in your area. Good restaurants are those where the food is ready when you arrive or only has a short wait. Add any restaurants that are closed or where the order disappears to your list of bad merchants.

Of course, sometimes the customer may cancel the order, so it’s not always the restaurant’s fault. But if you notice that you get a lot of disappearing orders to a handful of places, try to avoid orders from those restaurants in the future.

Stay Near Restaurants

Another thing you can do as a driver is to stay near a hotspot with a lot of restaurants. Then, you won’t have to drive as far to pick up the food. You’ll save time and gas if you happen to get an order that disappears.

Staying near restaurants can also help you get more orders. So even if one does disappear, you might not have to sit around for very long before you receive another order.

Drive in the Right Areas

You can also pay attention to the areas with the most disappearing orders. In the future, try to avoid taking shifts in those neighborhoods. This will take time to learn, so you may have to deal with disappearing orders for a while.

Of course, you can still get disappearing orders elsewhere. But if you know somewhere is more likely to have orders disappear, it makes sense not to want to drive there.

Why Would a Grubhub Order Disappear?

A Grubhub order usually disappears because the restaurant can’t fulfill it. While you can’t predict when this will happen, customers can call the restaurant and order when it’s less busy. Drivers can pay attention to trends and avoid restaurants that get a lot of disappearing orders. Then, everyone can make their money or receive the food they paid for.

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