Grubhub Order Never Came

If you don’t want to get out or worry about using gas, ordering from Grubhub is an excellent alternative. However, you do risk not getting your food quickly when you rely on a delivery driver.

At worst, you might not get your food at all. Consider what you should do if that happens and how you can resolve the problem.

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Why Didn’t My Grubhub Order Come?

If your Grubhub order never comes, check the Grubhub app. For orders that say they were delivered, you should contact the driver. Otherwise, wait a while longer to see if the driver comes with your food.

grubhub order did not come

Sometimes, Grubhub orders are just late, and they’ll get there eventually. This has to do with the restaurant, the driver, and factors like traffic or the weather.

Why Your Grubhub Order Hasn’t Arrived

Before you determine your Grubhub order isn’t coming, consider a few things. Sometimes, Grubhub orders can take longer than you expect to get to you.

The easiest way to learn if your order is on the way is to look at the app. Make sure the order status doesn’t say delivered. If it doesn’t, you can wait for your food. And if it does say it was delivered, you can take steps to resolve the situation.

Either way, think about the following reasons why your Grubhub order might not be on time.

There’s a Restaurant Delay

With the surge in workers quitting their jobs, restaurants have struggled to fill those positions. That means a lot of restaurants are understaffed, especially during non-peak hours. Your order may be delayed if the restaurant has other orders to fill first.

Now, restaurants should pause their Grubhub account and suspend new orders if they can’t handle everything. But some restaurants may be too busy to do that. So you might need to wait longer for them to prepare your food.

The Restaurant Is Closed

Sometimes, restaurants will show up in Grubhub and let you order food. However, the delivery driver might get to the restaurant and realize the place isn’t open. When that happens, the driver should report the restaurant to Grubhub and remove it from the app until it opens again.

If a restaurant is closed, Grubhub should cancel the order and refund you the cost. You should check your Grubhub app to see if that might be the case. There’s a good chance of this being the reason for a delay of multiple hours.

A Driver Has Yet to Accept It

Grubhub drivers get to accept or decline the orders that pop up in the app. If your order isn’t as good, Grubhub might have to show it to multiple drivers before someone accepts it. Of course, this can delay the order, even if it’s ready at the restaurant.

You can encourage drivers to accept your orders by offering a big tip. Tipping is something you should do anyway, but tipping as much as you can might help get your order moving.

traffic jam grubhub driver stuck

Traffic Is Slow

Maybe a driver has accepted the order, but it’s taking a while to get to you. There may be a lot of traffic that the driver has to deal with. Whether it’s rush hour or there’s construction, a driver could get stuck in traffic.

Sometimes, the driver may even get stuck in the drive-thru or lobby of a restaurant. Consider where you’re ordering from and when. If it’s rush hour, that’s probably a big reason for the delay. And if there’s construction in your area, that can also make the delivery take longer.

Weather Is Bad

Weather conditions can also affect how quickly a driver completes your order. If you order food during a storm, you can expect the driver to go a bit more slowly. After a storm, people may still drive slower if there’s a lot of snow or ice on the ground.

Orders can also get delayed during bad weather if you don’t add much of a tip. Drivers might not take orders they’d usually accept on a clear day if it’s too dangerous. So tip your drivers, and be nice, especially when the weather is bad.

You Gave the Wrong Address

Your Grubhub order may “never come” due to an innocent mistake. Perhaps you’re used to ordering food to your home. But it’s the middle of a long workday, so you order Grubhub to your office.

If you forget to change the address, your food may arrive at your house. You might not notice the issue until you go to grab the food, especially if you place a no-contact order. So make sure you double-check the address before you place an order.

Someone Stole the Food

As much as you might not want to think about it, someone may have stolen your food. It could be the driver that picked up your food and never intended to deliver it. Or maybe they did deliver the food, but one of your neighbors stole it off your porch.

When either situation happens, contact your delivery driver and ask what happened. If the driver doesn’t respond, you can contact Grubhub directly. And if they find the driver stole the food, they can give the driver a violation.

Why Would Your Grubhub Order Never Come?

Your Grubhub order might not come if you ordered it to a different address. It’s also possible someone stole the food, either the driver or a neighbor. But check your Grubhub app to see if the order is still in progress because sometimes, orders just take a while.

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