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Working for Grubhub can be an easy side hustle or the perfect full-time gig. However, you might not get to start driving when you want.

To keep from having too many drivers work at a time, Grubhub uses a waitlist. That way, current drivers can work enough to meet their income goals.

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What’s the Grubhub Waitlist?

The Grubhub waitlist contains names and contact info for prospective drivers. If a spot opens up, Grubhub can contact the first person on the waitlist to offer them a gig as a driver. They’ll also contact you every 30 days and ask if you want to stay on the waitlist or not.

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Being on the waitlist can be annoying, but it’s a good thing. Once you get accepted to drive, you’ll know you won’t have too much competition for orders.

Why Does Grubhub Have a Waitlist?

Grubhub has a waitlist because it doesn’t like to add new drivers when business is slow. So if your area hasn’t been getting a lot of orders, Grubhub will pause onboarding.

But drivers can still apply, and they’ll go onto the local waitlist. Of course, the waitlist is different for each market. Some markets may have long waitlists, while others may be adding new drivers at the same time.

The waitlist makes it easy for Grubhub to add new drivers when things get busy. They’ll have a list of people to contact who have expressed interest in delivering food.

How Long Is the Waitlist?

The length of the waitlist can depend on various factors. Of course, it depends on the market, so not all cities may have waitlists at the same time.

It can also depend on how slow the market is. If the market is somewhat busy, they might add a few drivers here and there. The same is true if a lot of drivers in the area decide to quit driving for Grubhub.

Sometimes, the waitlist may only include a few people. However, the list might have a lot more drivers on it. You can’t know for sure, but you can ask Grubhub how close you are to the top.

How Often Does Grubhub Add New Drivers?

Grubhub usually only adds new drivers when the market is busy and needs more drivers. It might also add more contractors if others have quit or reduced their hours.

During busy times, such as around the holidays, Grubhub might add multiple drivers per day. But if it’s slow, you may need to wait a few days or weeks.

Keep in mind that the waitlist is first come, first serve. So the sooner you get on the waitlist, the sooner Grubhub will offer you a gig as a driver.

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When Will Grubhub Contact You?

Grubhub will contact you as soon as a spot opens up in your market. Then, you can accept the position, or you can tell them you’ve moved on.

If your wait lasts longer than 30 days, at that point, they’ll still contact you. However, they’ll ask if you want to remain on the waitlist or not. If the wait lasts another month, they’ll contact you again to ask about your desire to drive for Grubhub.

The nice thing about that is the waitlist could get shorter. Some people ahead of you might remove their applications for Grubhub, so you might be able to drive sooner.

Why Remove Your Application

You might remove your application to drive for Grubhub for a few reasons. First, you can only have one active application at a time. So if you move to a new city, you might want to remove your current application and apply in the new market.

Grubhub doesn’t let applicants transfer to a new market. Only established drivers can change markets without having to reapply.

Another reason to remove your application is if you’ve moved on. You might have applied to DoorDash, Uber Eats, or other gig apps. If those apps accepted you, you could have enough work that you don’t need Grubhub.

Can You Reapply Later?

You can reapply to Grubhub, so don’t worry about removing your application. It shouldn’t affect your chances of getting accepted later on.

Whether you settle into a new city or decide to quit another gig app, you can join Grubhub. A good way to do this is to wait until a busy time of year. Then, you might not have to sit on a waitlist for very long or at all.

Instead, you can submit your application and start driving and making money. That can also be nice if you want more predictability regarding when you can start a new gig.

How Does the Grubhub Waitlist Work?

The Grubhub waitlist allows the company to track driver applicants. When orders are slow, the company won’t hire new drivers. However, it will use the waitlist to find drivers when business picks up or other drivers quit. The wait can be anywhere from a few days to a few months.

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