How Do I Drive for Uber Eats Only

If you are new to driving for UberEats, you may be wondering if there is a way to drive for UberEats only. If you can pick and choose the kinds of UberEats requests that you accept?

UberEats is an incredibly popular company, but you may only want to accept UberEats deliveries. To find out if you can drive only for UberEats deliveries, keep reading to find out more.

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How Do I Deliver For UberEats Only?

Though the process of driving for UberEats is the same for driving passengers and delivering items, you can choose what you want to do. You have the option to request to work only for UberEats or for UberX when signing up.

Once you begin working for UberEats, you have the ability to choose what kinds of work you are willing to take. You may not even meet the requirements for UberX, as you must have a four-door vehicle.

This allows you to avoid requests that require you to transport passengers in favor of delivering items. This is a great thing for drivers as some may not feel comfortable transporting passengers.

This is good news for UberEats drivers who only want to work in one specific area. This allows you to be pickier with what work you do and allows you to stay in your comfort zone.

Is Uber Driver and UberEats the Same App?

Uber Driver and Uber Eats are two different apps, this was made official recently as the UberEats app became its own separate app. This change was made for clarity and to make ordering deliveries easier for UberEats customers.

Though these two apps are separate, drivers can still access both UberX and UberEats through one account. This allows them to accept both UberX requests and UberEats deliveries.

Though drivers will be required to have both apps in order to better manage their tasks.

This gives drivers a greater variety in their work with more work opportunities. This also creates diversity between delivering food and other items or transporting passengers.

This is part of why UberEats is very popular amongst drivers as there are more options available.

Can I Choose What Kinds of UberEats Requests I Take?

How Do I Drive for UberEats Only

UberEats is similar to other delivery services as it gives you the option of accepting or rejecting work offers. These come to you in the form of a request, and you can choose to accept or to reject.

This allows you to accept food or item deliveries while declining any passenger transportation requests. This way, you have more power over the kinds of jobs you are willing to do on UberEats.

This is great for UberEats drivers as most sign up with just one kind of job in mind. Some prefer to transport passengers, while others just want to handle deliveries.

With UberEats, you can choose to either do both options or simply choose one kind of request that you are willing to accept. You can also clarify this when signing up and requesting to only be an UberEats driver or UberX driver.

To drive passengers, you also must have a four-door vehicle to qualify. If you only have a two-door vehicle, you will only qualify for UberEats food and item deliveries.

Can I Just Take UberEats Deliveries?

If you are driving for UberEats, you have the option of taking delivery jobs or transporting passengers. You also have the ability to decline and accept the kinds of jobs that you prefer.

If you only want to manage UberEats deliveries, you can request to only have this kind of work when signing up. Or you could simply decline any passenger-related requests and take delivery requests instead.

This is a very simple process that gives you the ability to work for UberEats and UberX. This increases your access to jobs and can give you some diversity in your work.

Or you may prefer to just stick to one option, be that delivery driving or transportation. Many UberEats drivers prefer one or the other job and do not necessarily work both jobs at once.

Because of that, UberEats has made it very easy for drivers to choose the kinds of work requests that they want to accept.

How Do I Drive for UberEats Only_

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