How to Do Price Changes at Walmart

If you are new to Walmart, you may not have had to do a price change just yet. This can be an intimidating task if you haven’t done it before and don’t know just how to go about completing this task in the correct way.

If you work at Walmart, you will most likely be assigned all kinds of different tasks during your shifts. One of these might include changing the prices of the merchandise, so you will want to be prepared to do this job correctly.

Keep reading to find out just how to change the prices for Walmart merchandise.

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How Do You Do Price Changes at Walmart?

To do price changes at Walmart, you will need to go through a few steps to do this correctly. This includes doing things like, getting an MC40 or a TC70, log in to where you need to go, and select the price changes option to move forward in the process.

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To do price changes easily and quickly, you need to do the following:

  • Get an MC40 or TC70
  • Get a printer
  • Log into My Productivity
  • Select the Sales Floor tab
  • Then select the Price Changes tab

These are the basic steps you will have to take to change the prices at Walmart. The system has all of the aisles in order, so if you follow that order, it will be much easier to keep track of the aisle that you are supposed to be on.

You may also need to switch between regular shelf labels, clearance labels, and rollback labels, depending on the price change. You will need to pay attention to this, so that you are using the correct label.

As long as you follow this process and pay attention, you should be able to successfully change the price labels without issue.

Why Do Prices at Walmart Change?

The prices at Walmart can change for all kinds of reasons. This is because price changes rely on many different factors that go far beyond how Walmart does its prices.

These changes in price can occur because the demand for that item is higher or lower or because the competition is pricing it differently. This could also have to do with how accessible that item is and if it is going out of stock.

Walmart will change the prices of its merchandise if prices everywhere are going higher or lower as well. This is a factor that goes beyond Walmart and will affect most stores that cater to supplying what is in demand.

This is why some prices may change dramatically in a short amount of time without any warning to customers. Items may also be unpopular, making it so that the prices drop in order to sell what the store has in stock.

There are many reasons why prices change, which is why you may notice Walmart’s price frequently fluctuating.

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Is Changing the Pries at Walmart Hard?

Changing the prices at Walmart is not necessarily hard, though it does take some getting used to. The first time you do it is most likely going to be the hardest and require the most time for trial and error.

This task requires an eye for detail, so you have to pay attention to what you are doing. You do not want to rush through this process and risk making a bunch of time-consuming mistakes.

If you just can’t figure out what you are doing or it is too confusing, you can always ask for help. A manager would much rather help you to understand the process rather than have the entire job done incorrectly.

How Should You Do Walmart Price Changes?

If you are put in charge of doing price changes at Walmart, you will need to follow a few steps to do this correctly. This includes grabbing a printer as well as an MC40 or TC70.

Then you need to log into My Productivity and tap on the Sales Floor tab then the Price Changes tab. From there, you will be guided throughout each aisle until all of the prices have been changed.

You may also be required to use different labels depending on the kind of price change that it is. This includes things like clearance labels, regular shelf labels, and rollback labels.

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