How to Get U-haul Unstuck From Mud?

If you have rented a u-haul and gotten stuck in the mud, you may be trying to figure out how to get your u-haul unstuck. This can be tricky and you want to do it properly, otherwise, you risk just getting stuck deeper.

The fact that your u-haul is rented just makes the situation more stressful and time-intensive. To find out how you can get a u-haul unstuck from the mud, keep reading to find out.

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How Do I Get U-haul Unstuck From Mud?

The first thing you should do if you get stuck in the mud is to not spin your wheels. This will only dig away at the mud and leave the u-haul stuck deeper in more mud, making it that much harder to actually get it out again.

One of the best ways to get a u-haul unstuck from the mud is to push from behind to try to roll the u-haul out of the mud. This is best done with a second person staring at the wheel as a guide.

You will have more luck pushing if you have more people to help, or better yet, someone who can help by pulling the u-haul with their vehicle.

Having someone hitch the u-haul to their vehicle to help pull it out as you push from behind can be very effective. This is perfect whether you are only lightly stuck or stuck in very deep and wet mud.

If you are able to with your u-haul, it can also be helpful to increase the traction. This can give the u-haul a leg up and a better chance at rolling out of the mud without the help of another vehicle.

These are some of the best options that should be able to help you get your u-haul unstuck from the mud. It may take some time and elbow grease, but it is very much possible if you do it the right way.

Will U-Haul Help Me Get Unstuck From Mud?

If you get your u-haul stuck in the mud and cannot get it out, you could try calling U-Haul’s helpline. This is in place for its customers and is a great way to get roadside assistance.

Because U-Haul prefers to take care of all of its vehicle needs, this is the best option before you call a tow truck. U-Haul’s policy doesn’t say anything about pulling a u-haul out of the mud, but it may be able to do that.

You can always ask the employee on the helpline if the roadside service can help get you out of the mud. If they can’t, you can then call a tow truck to help you get unstuck.

You will be expected to pay out of pocket for the towing costs if this happens, as U-Haul is not liable for this kind of incident.

Will U-Haul Charge Me For a Dirty U-Haul Rental?

How to Get U-haul Unstuck From Mud

U-Haul has a cleaning service that it does charge for if you return your rental in poor condition. This does not often happen, but it can, and U-Haul will not hesitate to charge you for cleaning costs.

If you got your U-Haul stuck in the mud, it is up to you to get it cleaned up afterward. You should not return it covered in mud as this will definitely get you hit with a cleaning fee.

It would be in your best interest to simply take the u-haul to an auto-cleaning place or simply hose it down with water. Doing this will help to at least make it look presentable again.

As a general rule, you want to try to return U-Haul rentals in the same condition that you got them in. If your u-haul was dirty when you picked it up, make sure to take photos as proof.

Later, if U-Haul tries to charge you a cleaning fee, you can show that the u-haul was already dirty when you got it.

How Can I Get U-haul Out of the Mud?

To get a u-haul out of the mud, one of the best ways is to push it from behind. This is best done if you have a second person who can steer from the driver’s seat as you push.

If the u-haul is not stuck too deep in the mud, this can be the easiest way to unstick it and get it back on the road again.

The second best option would be to have someone else help you by hitching the u-haul to their vehicle. You could push from behind as they slowly drive their vehicle, pulling the u-haul out of the mud.

This is a great option for when the u-haul is stuck in very deep mud and cannot be pushed out. Doing it this way is safer and easier than trying to push it out with manpower.

If the worst comes to worst and you can’t get the u-haul out of the mud, you can try calling the U-Haul helpline. From there, you can ask if U-Haul’s roadside assistance can help you get the u-haul out of the mud.

If this is not something that they will do, you can then call a tow truck to get help getting unstuck. Just expect to have to foot the tow truck bill as well as pay to get the u-haul clean again before returning it.

Overall, it is important to try to prevent yourself from getting stuck in the mud in the first place. You can do this by avoiding going off-road or driving through areas that look muddy and difficult to drive through.

How to Get U-haul Unstuck From Mud_

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