Which is a Better Truck Rental: U-Haul or Home Depot?

If you are needing to rent a truck, you may be wondering which is the better option, Home Depot or U-Haul. Both are great companies that offer rental trucks that you can use for whatever purposes you have for it.

Because both companies are so great, you may be having a hard time deciding which company to go with. Whether or not U-Haul or Home Depot offers better truck rental options.

To find out which company offers the best truck rentals, keep reading.

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Which is Better for Truck Rentals: U-Haul or Home Depot

Whether Home Depot or U-Haul is better depends on personal preference usually. Both are great options when it comes to renting a truck, but U-Haul is more flexible. While Home Depot is oftentimes more affordable.

The opinions are very much down the middle when it comes to these two companies. The main difference is that U-Haul is a rental company while Home Depot only has some rental options.

Unlike U-Haul, Home Depot is also a store, so it does not offer as many rental options or perks to customers.

With that being said, customers prefer to use Home Depot for their truck rental needs as it is a very trustworthy company. Many people worry over U-Haul’s sketchy prices that seem really cheap but can come with hidden fees.

This is because you are charged per day by U-Haul but you are also charged by the mile. This can make those very cheap rates go unexpectedly high if you need to drive quite a lot.

Whereas, Home depot has a flat rate for the amount of time that you rent one of its rentable trucks. It does not charge by the mile, so you know exactly what you are paying for the amount of time that you use the truck.

Can You Drop a Home Depot Truck Off Anywhere?

One big difference between Home Depot and U-Haul is that you cannot drop off a Home Depot rental just anywhere. In fact, you have to drop it off at the location that you rented it from.

This can be a big issue for those who are renting a truck specifically to move, as you have to backtrack to return it. This can be next to impossible or at the least be an inconvenience.

This can also be a problem if you are having to drive the truck a reasonable distance away from the Home Depot location. This could mean having to rent the truck for longer just to get it back to the original drop-off point.

This is a huge difference between U-Haul, which allows customers to drop off rented trucks at any U-Haul location. This makes it exceptionally easy to rent and return U-Haul trucks without any fuss.

If this is important for your situation, you may want to choose a U-haul truck instead.

Is U-Haul Cheaper Than Home Depot?

Which is a Better Truck Rental U-Haul or Home Depot.

On paper, U-Haul appears to be cheaper than Home Depot with rentals being $19 to $29 daily as opposed to Home Depot’s prices. But these are only the starting prices as U-Haul charges $0.59 per mile.

This can add up fast and move those cheap prices up significantly.

Though U-Haul may still end up being cheaper depending on how you use it, it will still not be as cheap as you originally thought. This can be a very unpleasant surprise when you go to pay your bill.

Whereas Home Depot prices its rental trucks at $39.95 for two and a half hours or $99 for a full day. These are set prices and you will not be charged for any mileage added to the truck you rent.

This can be ideal as you know exactly what you are paying up front. There will be no surprises or dramatic changes to the rate you thought you were getting.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that U-Haul is more expensive than Home Depot in every case. But it does mean that it could be more money than you originally planned on paying.

Does Home Depot Offer Rental Trailers?

Along with rentable trucks, Home Depot also offers trailers that you can rent. This is great as it makes it as useful as U-Haul by offering both trucks and trailers.

This is ideal as you may need to rent both a truck and a trailer at the same time. This makes both U-Haul and Home Depot great for all kinds of rental needs.

Both companies offer a range of different-sized trailers depending on what you intend on carrying. This gives you the ability to choose the size that will be right for your needs or project.

Does Home Depot or U-Haul Offer Better Truck Rentals?

Does Home Depot or U-Haul Offer Better Truck Rentals?

U-Haul and Home Depot both offer great options when it comes to renting a truck. Neither company is necessarily better than the other, they both have their own benefits and drawbacks.

In order to figure out what option is best for you, you will need to understand each company’s benefits.

U-Haul is ideal for moving as it offers all kinds of rentable moving supplies as well as hireable labor. It also allows you to drop off your rentals at any U-Haul location.

Home Depot is ideal for simple projects or times when you need a heavy-duty truck to use. It has set prices that will not vary according to mileage as U-Hauls prices do.

Home Depot also offers trailer options if you need to remnant a trailer with your truck. The price you pay at Home depot will not change as it is a flat rate for the amount of time that you have the rental.

With U-Haul, you will need to expect to pay a daily fee for your rented truck as well as a fee for mileage used. This can make your end bill look very different than you thought it would. This is something to keep in mind if you are on a budget.

Either way, both options are great in their own ways and provide different benefits and drawbacks. It is up to you to decide which company suits your needs better.

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