Instacart Account Locked

If you work for Instacart, you can make good money. But all of the benefits can go away if your account gets locked.

Consider why Instacart may lock your account and how to get it back. Then, you can know what to avoid to keep your account safe.

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Why Is My Instacart Account Locked?

Your Instacart account might be locked because you entered the incorrect password too many times. Someone might have also tried to hack your account. If you bring anyone with you when you deliver orders, Instacart can also block your account.

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The best thing to do is to contact Instacart to get your account back. Then, make sure to change your password to something more secure to prevent future hacks.

Why Instacart Locks Accounts

Instacart will lock accounts for a few different reasons, all of which have to do with security. Luckily, you can get your account back if you contact Instacart.

Before you do so, consider why you’re locked out of your account.

Too Many Login Attempts

Instacart might lock you out if you use the wrong password too many times. This can happen if someone else tries to get into your account. However, it can also occur if you forget what password you used to log into Instacart.

Ideally, you’d stay logged in on your phone so that this isn’t an issue. But you can’t control when someone else tries to log into your account.

The solution is usually to contact Instacart to reset your password. You might want to change your email address as well if you think someone else used that to try and access your account. Another option is to get a Google Voice number for free and to use that.

Someone Hacked In

Of course, hackers may still be able to get into your account. They might be able to guess your password, or they could use other means.

Either way, Instacart might recognize fraudulent activity. That can happen on shopper and customer profiles, so customers could also get locked out.

You’ll need to contact Instacart and prove that the account is yours. Then, they can send you something to help reset your login details.

Breaking Instacart Rules

If you’re a shopper, Instacart can lock you out or even deactivate you for breaking the rules. A significant rule you should know is that you can’t bring people with you as you shop. If you do, they also need to have shopper accounts.

But you can’t bring your kids or a friend who just wants to hang out. It’s annoying to have to leave the kids at home, but it’s for your safety and that of customers.

Be sure you read through the Shopper Rules once you join. Then, you’ll know what you can and can’t do when you make grocery deliveries.

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How Can You Remember Your Password?

If you want to set a secure password, it can be hard to remember. Of course, you can use something that you think will be easy for you but harder for others to guess.

Some people write their passwords down, but that is risky. If someone finds your note, they could get into your account.

A more secure option is to use a password manager. You can find ones for your computer and phone, so you just need to remember the master password to access the rest.

How Do You Choose a Secure Password?

When you choose a new password, make sure you use upper and lowercase numbers. It also helps to include at least one number. Consider adding special characters, such as an exclamation mark (!) to further secure your password.

Regardless of the characters you use, make your password longer. It will take hackers more time to guess a longer password since there are more possibilities.

You can also base your password on a phrase rather than a word. Swap out words like “for” with the numeral “4” to help. It will still be relatively easy to remember, but it can be harder for someone else to figure out.

How Do You Contact Instacart Support?

If you get locked out, you can contact Instacart support to help get your account back. A good option is to call them at 1 (888) 246-7822.

Unfortunately, the online help center requires you to log in to get help. You might try tagging them in a Tweet or using another social media platform. Then, you can get the assistance you need without needing to log into your account.

Why Did Instacart Lock My Account?

Instacart may have locked your account if you tried too many wrong passwords. If someone hacked into your account, you may also get locked out. Breaking the rules as a shopper can also get you locked out. Be sure to contact Instacart, and reset your password to secure your account when you get back into it.

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