Why Doesn’t Lyft Allow 7 Passengers?

Lyft XL will pair you with a larger vehicle and allow for more passengers. However, Lefty restricts the number of passengers to five. A five-passenger limit can be frustrating for some groups and individuals. This has led customers to question why Lyft doesn’t allow seven passengers, even if the vehicle has enough seats. Why Doesn’t … Read moreWhy Doesn’t Lyft Allow 7 Passengers?

Lyft Driver Stole My Phone

If a Lyft driver purposefully steals your phone, you are probably trying to find out what you can do about it. This is a huge issue as your phone is not only valuable but contains private information that that driver now has access to. You will want to take action to protect your personal information … Read moreLyft Driver Stole My Phone

Did Uber Buy Lyft?

Uber and Lyft are such popular ride companies that you may be wondering if Uber ended up buying Lyft. This is a rumor that has been going around for a while, and you may be wondering if it is actually true. These two companies are remarkably similar, so it would not be in the least … Read moreDid Uber Buy Lyft?

Can a Lyft Driver Kick You Out?

If you are considering getting a ride with Lyft, you may be wondering if a Lyft driver can technically kick you out of their car. This is a common question as many passengers may fear being kicked out after paying for a ride somewhere. This is not entirely unheard of and has happened many, many … Read moreCan a Lyft Driver Kick You Out?

Why Can’t I Schedule a Lyft in Advance?

Ever wondered, ‘Why can’t I schedule a Lyft in advance?’ You’re not alone. Every day, thousands of riders wrestle with this exact question, looking to plot their rides ahead and ease their travel worries. The answer to this query isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Various factors, including location, timing, and Lyft’s changing policies, … Read moreWhy Can’t I Schedule a Lyft in Advance?

Can I Drive Lyft Anywhere?

If you drive for Lyft, you know it can be a good way to make some extra money. But what if you need to visit family or decide to move somewhere for a while? You should consider if you can drive for Lyft somewhere else. If not, you’ll have to decide if you can take … Read moreCan I Drive Lyft Anywhere?