Meal Kits That Accept EBT?

If you rely mostly on EWBT throughout the month, you are not alone. This has quickly become a very common payment method as it gives you more freedom to buy as you like throughout the month with fewer restrictions.

EBT stands for electronic benefits transfer and allows you to get access to your money before you actually have it. This means that you can start to use your paycheck before you have received it from your boss.

This is something that many people have to use if they don’t get paid weekly or find that they have larger expenses come up. Some people only get paid once a month, which can make it very difficult to buy what they need.

EBT has helped make many people’s lives simpler by giving them access to their money. The on;y problem is that many places still don’t accept EBT payments as being valid, limiting how you can use them.

If you want to order a delivery of meal kits to eat throughout the week, you may be wondering what meal kit companies accept EBT. This is a good question since many companies don’t take EBT, so you want to be sure.

Keep reading to find out what meal kit companies will accept an EBT payment.

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1.  Top Box Food

Top Box Food is the only meal kit delivery service that accepts EBT as of right now, which is quite shocking to many. This is something that it only recently started accepting, drawing more customers to the fairly small meal kit delivery company.

Top Box Food sells affordable groceries that can be ordered and delivered straight to your door in record time. It is not your traditional meal delivery service as it is a nonprofit organization meant to target hunger issues.

It has free boxes available, and it partners with churches, communities, and all kinds of charities to create and deliver these options to you. Though it does have free options, it encourages those who can to actually purchase their groceries.

This is because it gives back to its charity organizations, continuing to help communities that are in need. You will need to carefully see where Top Box Food delivery is, as it is not nationwide like some delivery services.

It does not deliver pre-made meals unless they are a part of your grocery order. You can find anything here that your local grocery would have, only at more affordable price points to suit your budget.

You can use your EBT card to make the payment either online or over the phone without any hassle. Top Box Food has gone to great lengths to provide this option and make it easier than ever to use.

Do Any Meal Delivery Services Accept EBT?

The unfortunate truth is that there are no meal delivery services that accept EBT either. This means that your options are limited, and you won’t be able to use these services for the time being.

Meal Kits That Accept EBT

Meal delivery services are constantly adapting and adding new options, however, so there is a good chance that EBT could eventually be accepted. It just isn’t an option right now, leaving you to have to look for alternatives.

This is a shame for those who rely on EBT, as meal kits and meal delivery is completely unavailable right now. For some reason, these companies just have gotten on the bandwagon and started to take EBT payments.

Hopefully, the demand for more EBT options will grow to the point that these companies start to accept it.

What Else Can You Do to Pay With EBT?

It can be quite discouraging to find that so few places will accept EBT payments. Not only do meal kit delivery services not accept this payment option, even food delivery companies don’t accept EBT.

Top Box Food

This includes popular options like DoorDash and UberEats that you might have thought you could use. When it comes to ordering food, it can be very difficult to do so with an EBT card as there are limitations.

This is also a fairly new payment option that many people still don’t use, so companies have not felt as pressured to start accepting it. This can be frustrating as your options are severely limited in this part of the market.

The good thing is that you do have a few food delivery options to choose from that accept EBT. They may not necessarily be meal kit delivery companies, but they are the next best thing if you still want food delivered to your home.

Order Grocery Delivery

Most grocery stores have now created an option for having your groceries delivered right to your door after placing a border. This is something that has become much more common as people are enjoying the convenience of simply placing an order.

This can be a good alternative to ordering meal delivery as it is close to being the same thing in many ways. You can order all kinds of ingredients to create meals as well as pre-made foods at your grocery store.

Many grocery stores can deliver as soon as the same day that you place the order at a very small extra cost. This helps to save time as you don’t have to make a trip to the grocery store, but you still get what you need.

Just make sure you understand how your grocery store works as some don’t do deliveries, you have to go pick up the order. This kind of defeats the purpose, so stick to grocery stores that deliver.

Walmart is a great example and will make fast deliveries to get your fresh groceries to you in no time at all. This allows you to get all the food you need just like you would from a delivery food service.

Amazon Delivery

Amazon is another great place to use EBT payments when you want to order food. You can do this through the grocery section of Amazon, where fresh food is available to buy and have delivered to your home in record time for a small additional fee.

You can also order normally from Amazon as it sells all kinds of specialty packaged foods or bulk pre-made foods. This includes things like pasta, noodles, and many other kinds of dry good foods that are easy to prepare.

You can order everything that you would at the grocery store on Amazon pantry or through its grocery section. There are plenty of options, even some food options that your grocery store might not cover.

Though you may find that this method limits you when it comes to perishable foods. This would include things like eggs, meat, dairy, and produce. These are a little harder to come by as it is more difficult to safely ship them.

Though it could be worth the sacrifice as Amazon accepts EBT payments without any issues. Making it very easy to use your EBT card and not encounter any issues like some companies have with this payment method.

As a bonus, you can order all kinds of other items from Amazon that meal delivery services would have. Such as home goods, candy, beverages, and clothing, you have a lot of options on this popular website to choose from.

Though pre-made food will also be limited since that is another thing that can be tricky to ship out to customers.

Fresh Direct

Fresh Direct is possibly one of the best alternatives if you cannot order meal kits or pre-made meal delivery. It also accepts EBT, which makes it stand out from many other companies that you could order from.

Fresh Direct is a grocery delivery company that specializes in getting your groceries right to your doorstep in record time. You can get same-day or next-day delivery for last-minute orders when you have run low in your kitchen.

It is the leader in online grocery delivery and makes the entire process simpler and with very little effort on your part. All you have to do is go to the Fresh Direct website and pick out your groceries.

You will have all of the normal options that you would expect to see in a physical grocery store and more. You can order fresh produce, prepared foods, beverages, and any other grocery essentials that you can think of.

One of the best things about Fresh Direct is that it also sells meal kits, making this very similar when compared to meal kit delivery services. It isn’t subscription-based or focused on meal kits, but it does have them as an option.

You can order these meal kits so that you have the recipe and all of the ingredients in hand. This makes it easier than ever to create delicious and filling meals right in your kitchen, even if you’re not the best cook around.

Fresh Direct has gone all out with its meal kit options and has some pretty fancy dishes to tempt your taste buds. This is a great option if you don’t want the hassle of meal planning and ordering the ingredients yourself.

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