Uber Eats Promotions Cannot be Applied Using Current Device

Receiving the message, “Uber Eats Promotions Cannot be Applied Using Current Device,” can be so disappointing. You were expecting a tasty treat while saving money, only to have your hopes dashed.

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Why does this happen and what can you do about it?

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Promotions Can’t be Applied on Current Device

The main reasons why your Uber Eats promotion cannot be applied on your device are because Uber has flagged your device as having multiple accounts, your device is not currently compatible with the promotion, or the code has been used already. You may need to contact Uber to resolve.

What Does This Error Mean?

Basically, it means that Uber Eats will not apply the selected promotion using this particular device. Besides the device itself, there could be an issue with your account.

It most often appears to be an issue with the Uber Eats customer having registered multiple accounts. Uber Eats actively tries to identify fraudulent multiple accounts by the same users, mainly in an effort to prevent people from using “first-time customer” and other incentives more frequently than the company intended.

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There are several things that will red-flag your account and/or device as having multiple accounts, including having the same phone number or email address on more than one account, or having the same billing information or delivery address on more than one account.

Uber may also be able to recognize multiple accounts on a device by fingerprint or facial-recognition log-ins, or other device-specific identification.

So if you have registered multiple accounts, you will need to delete the extra accounts. If this still doesn’t solve the problem, contact Uber.

You can reach Uber Eats by calling them at 800-253-9377 or 800-253-6882, emailing them at eats@uber.com, or through the Uber Eats app Help section. Go to “Help,” then “Trip Issues” then “I would like a refund,” and finally “My promo code didn’t work.”

Promotion Code May Have Been Used Before or not Applicable

Many promotion codes can only be used once by each customer. If you have already used a particular promotion code, then Uber Eats will usually not allow you to use that code again.

If you are not sure if you have already used a certain code or not, you can check your order history on the app to see if the code has been applied already, or not.

Additionally, you may not be eligible for every promotion code that exists.

If the code was forwarded to you by someone else, or you found it on the internet or social media, there is a chance that this code will not work for you. It may have been generated for only certain customers, and therefore, won’t work for everybody.

Uber advises that legitimate promotional codes are usually sent to customers directly either by text or push notification, so try sticking to those promotions in order to avoid disappointment and frustration.

Finally, double check that the code didn’t expire, and that you entered the code correctly.

Reasons Why Your Device Might Not Work

Uber eats has stated that they send legitimate codes directly to their customers via push notification or text. So, again, be sure that you are only using codes that are sent to you directly. Using one forwarded to you by a friend or found somewhere on the internet is much less likely to work for you on your device.

Uber Eats, like, many companies, has subsets of customers that they send different promotions to. Typically, they divide their customers into groups and then advertise to them based on various demographic and behavioral information.

For example, some promotions may only be available in certain locations, so if your device location shows you are outside of the geographic area for that promotion, then that could be another reason why the promotion cannot be applied using your current device.

It is also possible that there may even occasionally be some promotions that are exclusive to iPhone or Android users.

Phone or Uber Eats App Not Updated

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Another important issue to check is to make sure that your phone and the Uber Eats app are both updated to the most current version. Apps and operating systems get updated all the time for security reasons and to continue to optimize the user experience.

If your phone’s operating system and/or the Uber Eats app are not the most recent versions, then there could be compatibility issues.

Make sure both of these (the phone’s operating system and the app) are updated, and then completely close out and reopen the app. Try the promotional code again.

If the promotional code is still not working after trying this, then contact Uber.

Wrapping Up

If your Uber Eats promotions cannot be applied using your current device, it is most likely because Uber has flagged your device as having multiple accounts, the code has been used, or your device is not compatible with the promotion. You may need to contact Uber to resolve the problem.

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