U-Haul SafeMove Vs SafeMove Plus

If you are considering renting from U-Haul, you will need to know about SafeMove and SafeMove Plus. These are U-Haul’s coverage options that can help to keep you from being liable for any damages.

This is an important detail to understand about U-Haul as it could save you money later on down the road. There is always a chance that a rented vehicle could be damaged in some way, so coverage could be a great investment.

To find out just what SafeMove and SafeMove Plus are and which one is the better option, keep reading to find out.

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Which Is Better: U-Haul SafeMove or SafeMove Plus?

SafeMove Plus is the better kind of U-Haul coverage as it covers just about every area of damage or injury. While SafeMove covers the basics and can only go so far when it comes to an accident or damage to a rental.

SafeMove and SafeMove Plus are U-Haul’s two options when it comes to rental coverage for its vehicles. These options help to cover you so that any damage sustained to U-Haul property will not come directly out of pocket for you.

This may not seem like an important option, but it can be. You never know what might happen after you have rented a U-Haul vehicle, so it is always safer to pay for the extra rental coverage.

SafeMove is the cheapest coverage option that U-Haul offers and is the least helpful because of that. This is a good option for basic damages that are not extensive or severe, but it can only cover so much.

While SafeMove Plus is the better version of SafeMove as it covers far more damage and different situations. This is also more expensive but could ultimately end up saving you money if something were to happen.

It is also a good idea to consider the risks you are taking when using the u-haul rental. Are you driving long distances, loading and unloading items, backing up, or other risky things?

Depending on how you plan to use the u-haul, you may want to invest in SafeMove Plus over the basic SafeMove.

Does U-Haul SafeMove Cover Scratches?

U-Haul SafeMove will usually cover scratches to any rented vehicle if it is considered to be accidental damage. This also covers other kinds of minimal damage, such as dings, chipped paint, and dents.

SafeMove does not cover overhead damage from bridges or low-hanging roofs, however. This is a kind of damage that SafeMove Plus covers.

With SafeMove, you get medical and life coverage that will cover the driver and any passengers for up to $1,000 in medical bills. It also provides life coverage up to $25,000.

SafeMove also covers your cargo and protects it from collisions, fires, overturns, or wind storms. This helps to cover any damages done to your cargo as you are using a u-haul rental.

This coverage will also protect your personal vehicle if it is being towed by a u-haul rental.

This U-Haul coverage goes over a few very important points, but it is limited in what it can and cannot cover. This is why you will need to do your research to better understand which option is the right fit for you.

What Does U-Haul SafeMove Plus Cover?

U-Haul SafeMove Vs SafeMove Plus

U-Haul SafeMove Plus covers everything that the basic SafeMove plan covers. That includes accidental damage, cargo protection, personal medical and life coverage, as well as personal vehicle coverage.

SafeMove Plus also covers up to $1,000,000 for property, bodily, or lawsuits from a 3d party. This would usually include someone who was hit or otherwise injured.

The SafeMove Plus also guarantees no increased premiums on your insurance plan or any out-of-pocket fees. It also covers all kinds of overhead collision damage.

Overall, SafeMove Plus covers all of the loose ends that SafeMove leaves behind, guaranteeing important coverage. This can protect you from being liable for damage to another person or severe damage to a rental.

This guarantees that you will not be expected to pay any out-of-pocket fees due to an unexpected accident or damage. This can be very important if you were to experience one of these issues with your u-haul rental.

Severe accidents or damage is not necessarily common, but they can always happen. You never know what could happen to you on the road so it is better to be safe than sorry.

How Much Does U-Haul SafeMove and SafeMove Plus Cost?

How much you end up paying for either of U-Haul’s protection packages will vary quite a bit. This is due to the fact that U-Haul charges according to how long your rental is going to be.

If you plan on driving your rental quite a ways away, you will end up paying more for either SafeMove or SafeMove Plus. That is why it varies so much, and you won’t know how much it will cost until you start your rental.

Generally, SafeMove costs $14 for a relatively short trip, while SafeMove Plus costs $28 for a short trip. These fees don’t seem like much but can go up significantly depending on the length of your trip.

U-Haul strongly recommends that customers get the SafeMove Plus coverage if they plan on driving a long distance. This may become a bit expensive, but it just might end up being worth it in the end.

What Happens If You Damage a U-haul Vehicle?

If you damage a vehicle, either coverage option should be able to cover it. SafeMove will be able to cover any accidental damage if it is relatively minimal, while SafeMove Plus can cover much more severe damage.

If you did not buy either coverage option, you will end up having to pay out of pocket. U-Haul inspects all of its vehicles for damage and will find out just how much the damage is worth.

This out-of-pocket cost can be very significant, depending on the kind of damage done to the vehicle. You will be liable to pay for the full amount for the damage done.

No matter whether or not you have coverage, it is always best to report the damage to U-Haul. Even if you don’t, it will find it eventually, and you will still end up having to pay for the expenses.

If you damage a u-haul rental extensively, it is best to call the U-Haul helpline. It will send out its roadside service to help you with whatever damage has been caused.

You do not want to risk causing more damage to a u-haul rental by driving it when it is damaged.

Is U-Haul SafeMove Plus Better Than SafeMove

Is U-Haul SafeMove Plus Better Than SafeMove

When you look at the big picture, SafeMove Plus is better than SafeMove because it covers more areas. With SafeMove, you only get the bare minimum coverage for certain things that could happen to your u-haul rental.

SafeMove Plus is significantly more expensive, but it could end up saving you money in the future. It will cover all kinds of accidents and damage making sure that you are not liable.

Overall, it is important to choose one of the two kinds of coverage when renting from U-Haul. It is very risky to be out on the road without some kind of coverage to protect you.

SafeMove Plus is an obviously better option as it will keep you from having to pay for anything out of pocket. But it is also better to get SafeMove rather than not have any kind of coverage.

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