Will Costco Bring Back Combo Pizza?

If you have tried the combo pizza at Costco, you may be wondering if Costco is going to be reintroducing this pizza to its food courts. This has been a common question, and many Costco shoppers want to see the combo pizza brought back.

The combo pizza was a pizza option that was sold at the food courts where you could grab a bite to eat after shopping. It had become a very popular option, even coming close to surpassing the traditional hotdogs that Costco is known for.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Costco will be bringing back the combo pizza to its food court menu.

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Will Costco Make the Combo Pizza Available Again?

Many people have investigated into the removal of the combo pizza at Costco and have confirmed that it is permanently discontinued. Though Costco has yet to give a statement about why this decision was made towards this menu item specifically.

This has come as a huge disappointment to Costco shoppers who loved to stop and grab a bit of the combo pizza at the food court. This was a real treat after a long shopping trip going through Costco’s various bulk options.

The combo pizza was removed quite quickly from the menu with little to no warning, shocking its fans. One minute it was available on the menu, and the next minute it was gone for good.

After people realized that the pizza had been discontinued, they were trying to get Costco to bring it back. Or at least trying to discover whether or not it would reappear on the Costco food court menu.

Unfortunately, it seems as though there is no hope for this combo pizza to make a reappearance on the menu. It is gone for good, and people will have to satisfy themselves with Costco’s many other delicious food court options.

Why Was the Costco Combo Pizza Removed?

There was very little explanation given as to why the combo pizza at Costco was ultimately removed from the menus. It was quite a sudden decision, leaving many Costco shoppers feeling disappointed.

Will Costco Bring Back Combo Pizza

Costco did release a statement explaining that it needed to reduce the work that its food courts had to handle. Removing the combo pizza was simply a way to improve efficiency and make it easier to prepare the fresh food.

The food court is a very popular aspect of Costco and provides shoppers with a unique shopping experience. Aside from the combo pizza, Costco’s food court also sells options like:

  • Hot dogs
  • Chicken bake
  • Chicken caesar salad
  • BBQ beef brisket sandwich
  • Acai vowels
  • Sundaes
  • Double cheeseburger

These are just a few of the food options that you have at the Costco food court. This is more than enough options to tempt toy taste buds, even though the combo pizza is gone for good.

This is part of why Costco had to downsize its menu to accommodate the huge variety of food options that it already has.

What Was the Costco Combo Pizza?

The Costco combo pizza was a fully loaded pizza that packed a punch of flavor and texture. It hosted a large variety of meat, including pepperoni and sausage, giving this pizza its traditional taste.

The combo pizza also had a bunch of veggies to balance out the meat and provide some freshness. It was often described as being the perfect slice of pizza with everything on it that you could possibly want.

This is why it has been so greatly missed as no other pizza quite compares to this option. Especially no other options on the Costco food court menu now that it has been discontinued.

Though the food court has many options, customers are still left wishing that the combo pizza was back.

Will the Costco Combo Pizza Come Back?

Costco has made it quite clear that it does not intend on bringing back the combo pizza to its food courts. This is disappointing news for those who particularly liked this pizza option over the other food court menu items.

Though the Costco menu has many delicious options to try, none quite measure up to the combo pizza. It was the perfect slice of pizza and was a real treat to shoppers after their shopping trip.

Costco simply needed to create more efficiency and take some of the pressure off of the food court as it already had a large menu, to begin with.

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