Does DoorDash Background Check?

Does DoorDash Background Check?

DoorDash is becoming a top-rated service for full-time drivers and those looking for a side hustle. Signing up is simple and takes little effort.

However, there are some things to keep in mind when signing up to drive for DoorDash.

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Will DoorDash Run a Background Check When I Sign Up?

DoorDash has a continuous mandatory background check for all its drivers. Drivers are required to consent and pass this background screening to be eligible to accept orders and start making money.

How Does The Background Check Work?

During the DoorDash sign-up process, you’ll be required to consent to a background check. This screening process will cover criminal and driving records.

DoorDash uses Checkr for its screening process. The time frame can vary, but most drivers receive confirmation within 5-7 days of their application.

What Information Do I Need to Provide?

You’ll need to provide DoorDash with the required information and your consent to complete the background check. The information required includes:

  1. Social Security Number
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Full Name

Will DoorDash Hire Felons or People With Misdemeanors?

DoorDash will not hire felons or those with a misdemeanor. The background screening process will check a potential driver’s criminal records up to the previous seven years.

Crimes that can potentially disqualify drivers consist of:

  • Robbery
  • Damage to property
  • Misdemeanors or felonies
  • DUIs, driving under the influence, or other severe driving crimes
  • Any crime of a violent nature
  • Previous sexual offense

Does DoorDash Hire Sex Offenders?

DoorDash will also check the National Sex Offender Registry during their background screening process. If a possible dasher’s name shows up in the databank, they’ll be disqualified. Even offenses from seven years ago can disqualify you.

Past sexual offenses of any nature can lead to disqualification.

Will DoorDash Look at My Vehicle Record?

If any potential driver claims to be driving a vehicle for orders, DoorDash will check and use a motorized vehicle report. DoorDash requires a driving record without serious crimes for acceptance.

Some problems that can render potential drivers ineligible include:

  • DUIs or driving under the influence
  • Four or more moving violations
  • Any other drug and alcohol-related driving offenses

What If I Have a Speeding Ticket?

Typically, you can drive for DoorDash with speeding tickets. Some dashers have been eligible with numerous speeding tickets dating only a couple of years back. A speeding ticket will not disqualify you as long as you do not have any severe driving-related incidents.

What’s a Continuous Background Check?

DoorDash runs an ongoing background screening process. A continuous screening process means drivers are searched consistently. If a driver passes a screening check initially but later has an incident, they may be rendered ineligible.

How Will I Know If I’m Disqualified?

If you have an incident that disqualifies you after your initial screening, you will receive an email before taking action on your account. The email will cover your report, options for what you can do, and how you can dispute any false information.

If you do not provide any additional information in the given time frame, your account will be deactivated, and you will not be able to use the platform.

How Long Does The Background Check Take?

The timeframe for the background check can vary. The typical DoorDash background check can range anywhere between 5-7 days. Various dashers have claimed the screening process is taking upwards of ten days.

The city/location where you sign up, where you have lived, the number of current, and other factors can affect how long your background check takes.

If you have current or past incidents on your report, this process could last even longer. For the fastest background check, be sure to fill out all forms accurately.

How Will I Know If I Passed My Background Check?

You can search the status of your DoorDash background check to see if you have passed. DoorDash uses a third-party service known as Checkr for its screening process. You can visit the candidate portal at Checkr and know the status of your application.

You should also receive an email regarding the status of your application. If you have not received an email, you should check to ensure you are using the correct information.

What Are The Different Application Statuses?

When searching your background check application, you’ll come across different statuses. The possible statuses you can see are complete, pending, clear, consider, and dispute.

  1. Complete is step one of the processes. Complete means your forms are ready to be checked and evaluated.
  2. Pending means your background check is close to being finished. Pending status can suggest you have 2-3 days left on your screening process. If you glossed over some information on your application, this process might take longer.
  3. Clear means you are ready to start delivering and working for DoorDash! You will receive a follow-up email from DoorDash confirming your status.
  4. Consider. The Consider status is similar to pending. That being said, you may have violations that do not meet DoorDash standards, and you may be disqualified. DoorDash will consider your application and decide whether you will be approved or rejected.
  5. Dispute status means you will have to carefully look over your form. You may have glossed over information, have an incident, or have another issue from here. You will have 30 days to counter the information and have the issues resolved.

How Do I Dispute a Background Check?

To dispute a background check, you may need to provide DoorDash or Checkr with more information.

You can contact Checkr by phone or by using the Checkr application portal. From there, you will find out how to contact DoorDash directly to appeal the decision made on your account.

Will DoorDash Background Check Me?

DoorDash has a mandatory background check for all doordashers. This screening process includes a driver’s criminal record, driving record, and whether or not they’re on the National Sex Offenders Registry.

Drivers are required to consent and pass this background screening to be eligible to accept orders and start making money.

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