Grubhub Acceptance Rate Deactivation

Driving for Grubhub is a flexible way to make some extra money. You can also use it as your main income stream, but it’s not a risk-free gig.

Grubhub could deactivate your account at any time, and it can be hard to get the account back. Consider how your acceptance rate could get you deactivated.

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Does Grubhub Deactivate You Based on Your Acceptance Rate?

Grubhub might deactivate users who have a low acceptance rate. Some say the minimum acceptance rate is 75%, or three of every four orders. If a driver falls below that, Grubhub can deactivate or suspend the driver.

grubhub driver deactivated 1Other things can result in deactivation, such as violating Grubhub policies or not providing good service. But a low acceptance rate doesn’t always result in deactivation or suspension.

Can I Be Deactivated for a Low Acceptance Rate?

Some sources claim you could be deactivated for a low acceptance rate on Grubhub. Others have alleged that they have very low acceptance rates (such as under 20%). However, they’re still able to work for Grubhub.

Now, you could be deactivated for accepting orders that you don’t plan to complete. So be sure you accept orders that you know you can finish.

If Grubhub does deactivate you for some reason, they should send you an email. Then, you can figure out what happened and if you can get your account back.

Grubhub Deactivation Policy

Grubhub will deactivate you if you have three account violations within 90 days. You can get one or two and be fine since Grubhub will remove the violation after three months.

However, if you do get a violation on your account, take it seriously. Figure out what you did and how you can learn from it. Then, you can avoid more violations that could cause you to lose your account.

Alternatively, Grubhub has a Quality of Service policy. If you violate that policy in any way, the app can deactivate you.

Tips to Maintain a High Acceptance Rate

While a low acceptance rate might not get you deactivated, it helps to have a high acceptance rate. That way, you can continue to schedule your shifts and potentially get better orders.

Here are a few ideas for how to keep your acceptance rate up.

Schedule Your Blocks Strategically

If you’ve driven for Grubhub for a while, you probably know a bit about your market. You might know when and where you can get the best orders.

For example, maybe your city gets a lot of orders from businesses during the weekday lunch rush. So you could focus on driving for Grubhub during the lunch hour.

It can take some experimenting to find out which times are the best to work. But once you learn that, you could get better orders without having to decline too many.

grubhub driver right neighborhood

Work in the Right Neighborhoods

Similarly, you might want to try driving in various neighborhoods. Then, you can see which areas tend to have the best orders, regardless of the day and time.

In general, more affluent neighborhoods tend to offer good orders. The people usually can afford to tip, and they might place larger orders that can further increase the tip amount.

If you drive near a college, for example, you might get lots of orders. However, students don’t have a ton of money, so they might not be the best tippers. You could get a lot of lower-paying orders.

Stay Near Restaurants

Whenever you have downtime, head to an area with restaurants. That way, you can start getting more orders. You may even get an order to a restaurant in the same parking lot or within a block or two.

That’s nice because it can cut down on your time and gas. You won’t have to go as far to pick up the food, so you can reduce the time you spend doing nothing.

Of course, your orders will probably take you far from areas with a lot of restaurants. But you can drive back to those busy areas after an order to make sure you can get more orders quickly.

Look for Bonuses

You can also pay attention to bonuses that Grubhub offers. A lot goes into the pay rate for an order, but bonuses can help increase the pay.

If there’s a bonus going on, you could earn more for each order. That makes it easier to accept orders that you might decline normally. So you could increase your acceptance rate without lowering your hourly rate too much.

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Will Grubhub Deactivate You If Your Acceptance Rate Is Low?

Some people claim Grubhub will deactivate anyone whose acceptance rate is less than 75%. However, others claim their acceptance rates are much lower and they’re still active. It doesn’t hurt to have a high acceptance rate, but make sure you follow through with those orders. Then, you can avoid violating Grubhub policies and getting deactivated that way.

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