Grubhub Account Blocked

If you drive for Grubhub, you can make good money. But even though you’re a contractor, you still have to follow certain rules.

When you break the rules, you risk the app blocking your account. So consider what you need to do to stay in good standing.

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Why Is My Grubhub Account Blocked?

Grubhub can block your account if you have three violations within 90 days. After 90 days, it will remove the violation from your account. So you might need to appeal the latest violation to get your account back.

grubhub account blocked

Violations can include unassigning or delaying orders or not delivering orders. Be sure you follow the platform rules as best as you can to make sure you can still drive for Grubhub.

Grubhub Account Violations

You can get an account violation for doing a variety of things. A lot of the violations occur because of fraud or similar actions. Here are some examples of why Grubhub might give you a violation.

  • Unassigning too many orders
  • Not delivering orders to the correct address
  • Delaying the order by not starting on it right away
  • Marking restaurants that are open as closed
  • Overcharging orders on your Grubhub card

Grubhub might give you a violation if you do other malicious activity. Be sure you complete orders to the best of your ability. You can also contact Grubhub or the customer if you run into any issues.

What Happens When You Get a Violation

If you get a violation, Grubhub will send you an email and an in-app notification. You can check the message and review the violation. If you don’t think you deserve it, you can appeal the violation to get it off your account.

Now, getting one violation isn’t the end of the world. As long as you learn from it, you can move on and continue to drive for Grubhub. However, you should review the violation to learn how you can do better the next time.

Then, you’ll be able to avoid getting your account blocked.

What Happens When You Get Blocked

If you get three violations within 90 days, Grubhub will block your driver account. It will end your contract, but you might be able to get your account back.

You’ll receive an email telling you that your account is blocked. Review the email to learn what you can do next to appeal the third violation and get your account to work again.

Grubhub doesn’t list the exact steps. It might depend on your prior violations and account history, so stick to what your specific email tells you to do.

How to Avoid Account Violations

Getting your Grubhub account back can be difficult. But it’s much easier to avoid account violations as long as you know what to do.

Here are a few tips that may reduce the chances of you getting an account violation.

Complete Orders as Best as You Can

When you accept an order, complete it as quickly and smoothly as you can. Make sure you head straight to the restaurant once you get the order in your app. Ask for the order from the restaurant, and wait until they give it to you.

Then, use your GPS to drive straight to the delivery address. If the address appears to be incorrect, contact Grubhub or the customer. That way, you’ll know where you need to drop the food off.

grubhub orders complete

Don’t Overcharge Your Grubhub Card

You might need to use your Grubhub for Drivers card for some orders. When that happens, only use it for the items in the order.

Sure, you can purchase food for yourself to eat as you work. However, you should use cash or your own card to pay for your items.

It sounds simple, but it can be easy to accidentally overcharge the card. Make sure you ask for two separate orders if you want to buy yourself a snack while you pick up an order.

Keep Your Location On

Masking or falsifying your location can result in a Grubhub account violation. When you’re driving for Grubhub, make sure you keep your location settings on.

Make sure you also keep your cellular connection on. That way, your location can update as you move so that you don’t have to risk the location being inaccurate.

Contact Grubhub If a Problem Occurs

If you run into any problems, contact Grubhub immediately. You should do this if you can’t find the delivery address or if the restaurant is closed. Don’t do that if the restaurant is open because that can lead to a violation.

Contacting Grubhub can show that you’re doing what you can to complete an order. Then, you might have a lower chance of a violation.

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Why Does Grubhub Block Your Driver Account?

Grubhub will block your driver account if you get three account violations in 90 days. It can give you a violation for not completing an order at all or for delaying it. Be sure to follow through on orders, and contact Grubhub, the customer, or the restaurant, depending on your issue.

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