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If you are going to buy something from Overstock, you may want to first look into its return policy to better understand it. This is an important step to take in order to avoid running into return issues later on and being surprised.

Every business is going to have a different kind of return policy, so they won’t all be created equal. This is important to understand before you buy from any store, as you want to know whether or not you can return that item.

This is a good thing to understand before being something so that you know exactly what you are getting into. Keep reading to find out what the return policy at Overstock is like and what qualifies as being returnable.

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What Is the Return Policy at Overstock?

If you need to return something to Overstock, the good thing is that this process is really quite simple to do. Overstock allows you to start the return process within 30 days of having made the purchase so that it is returnable.

This is easy to do and will get the ball rolling so that you can get your refund. Though there are a few things that returned Overstock items must hold to, such as:

  • It must be unused
  • It has to be in like new condition
  • It cannot be damaged
  • All original inserts and accessories must be included

As long as your return is in alignment with these rules, you should have no issues with the return. This way, you can get your refund back so that you don’t have to hold onto something that you don’t want.

Shipping costs will not be refundable, so you will still be paying for these. This cannot be helped as Overstock is not responsible for refunding shipping expenses, which is something that most companies will not do.

If an Overstock item gets to you damaged, defective, or missing important items, you can return these items as well. Just make sure to notify Overstock of these issues so it knows that this product was like this when you bought it.

Does Overstock Provide Free Returns?

If you want to return something to Overstock, it probably matters to you if there is a return fee. While this is not extremely common, some shops do require a return fee from their customers.

Overstock Return Policy

The good thing is that Overstock does not do this, so all returns are completely free. You can also get a full refund for items that you return that go to your original payment method.

Keep in mind that Overstock will not reimburse you for the shipping fees that you paid for that item. This is not something that it covers, so you will lose a little money.

But Overstock won’t charge any returning fees, whether that be for online or in-store purchases.

Can Anything be Returned to Overstock?

If you want to return something to Overstock, you should know what is and isn’t accepted. This is very important if you want to have a successful return and refund experience.

Can Assembled Furniture be Returned to Overstock

All Overstock returns must be in their original condition unless you bought them damaged. They must not come to Overstock with issues like:

  • Missing parts
  • Having been washed
  • Scars or chipped paint
  • Tears or exterior damage
  • Obvious wear

Anything returned with these issues will not be accepted or refunded. This is because they would not end up being eligible for return, so you can receive a refund.

Overstock carefully inspects all returning items, so these issues will not be overlooked. This also means that you won’t be getting these items sent back if you shipped the return.

Overstock will not spend money to re-return an item that you sent damaged or otherwise unreturnable. So make sure the items you are returning qualify by following the quality rules that Overstock requires.

If you bought an Overstock item but later realized it was damaged or faulty, you need to let Overstock know about this. In most cases, it will ask you to return the item to either receive an exchange or a full refund.

This is allowed as long as you are not responsible for any damaged items or items that are missing parts or accessories.

Can Assembled Furniture be Returned to Overstock?

If you bought a piece of furniture from Overstock and assembled it, you may want to know if this can be returned. The answer is, unfortunately that Overstock won’t take assembled furniture.

Can Anything be Returned to Overstock

All items that are returned to Overstock must be in their original condition. They cannot have been assembled or damaged if you want to be able to return them.

This is one of the downsides to buying from Overstock, as many pieces of furniture require assembly in order to see them in their true form. But once you do this, that item is no longer eligible to be returned.

You could try to unassemble it and repackage it, but Overstock may be able to notice this during its return inspection. And if that is the case, you will not be able to get a refund for that item.

If you assemble a piece of furniture only to find it defective or damaged, you need to notify Overstock within 30 days. You will most likely be asked to provide proof and to send the item back in the original packaging.

This way, you can still get a refund or exchange since you bought the item, but it was damaged or otherwise defective.

Is It Easy to Return Items to Overstock?

Returning items to Overstock is generally a simple process depending on what you bought. This is because larger returns are more of a hassle as they must be repackaged and shipped off to Overstock.

This can be annoying to have to deal with, especially since you must do this in the original packaging. The item must also not be assembled, so it can be hard to decide on furniture if you can’t assemble it.

Returning to Overstock is simpler for smaller items that can be shipped easier. Especially if no assembly is required, so you have a better idea of what it looks like and how you like it.

In order to keep this process as simple as possible, you need to familiarize yourself with the return policy rules for Overstock. You will only end up getting frustrated if you don’t follow these rules and don’t qualify for a refund.

What Is Overstock’s Return Policy Like?

Overstock’s return policy is pretty strict, but it is still fair to its customers. This is a great place to find all kinds of items that you need, and they can all be returned if you decide that you aren’t happy with them.

Overstock gives you 30 days to make your decision as to whether or not you want to keep your purchase. All it asks is that everything is returned in its original state with no new damage or defects.

If you don’t follow these quality rules, your return will be rejected, and you won’t get a refund. Overstock also does not accept returns of assembled furniture, as everything must be returned exactly how you got it.

Though it will issue refunds for items that you bought that ended up being defective, damaged, or missing parts. You need to let Overstock know about this so that you can return the item to get your refund back.

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