Does Walmart Scan IDs?

If you are planning on purchasing alcohol at Walmart, you may be wondering if your ID will need to be scanned. This is a common practice as this allows the store to recognize that you are of the legal drinking age. This, of course, will vary by where you like as the drinking age in … Read moreDoes Walmart Scan IDs?

Walmart Unclaimed Property

If you have received a letter stating that you have unclaimed Walmart property, you may be wondering what this means. Is it real, and can you trust it? Is this going to be financially lucrative for you to take advantage of? These are all questions that we would ask ourselves if we were to receive … Read moreWalmart Unclaimed Property

Walmart PTO Vs PPTO

If you are working at Walmart, you may feel confused by the PTO and PPTO system that it has in place. What do PTO and PPTO stand for, and what makes them different from each other. These are all important questions to ask if you plan on working at Walmart and need to know about … Read moreWalmart PTO Vs PPTO